Aconcagua Climbing Expedition 2024 - A survival story of a man from Nepal | avoid these mistakes .. (2024)

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So far, I have only climbed two peaks of The Seven Summits of the World: Mt. Everest and Mt. Kilimanjaro. Mount Aconcagua will be my third peak.After 29 hours in the air, I arrived in Mendoza, Argentina. It was two days ago and now I’m rested well before starting the big climb. Aconcagua climb starts with the 3-hour drive on the beautiful mountain road from the city of Mendoza.Just saw a helicopter rescue some people from the mountain, so good insurance is a must. You never know how it will go on the mountain. The trek to Confluencia starts with an easy walk. You stop for photos at the welcome board with the view of Aconcagua. Then, you walk along the wide valley of Horconos. Shortly after an hour, you pass the suspension bridge and the trail gets steeper and rockier at the same time. You walk along the riverside for a bit and then you will encounter another wide valley just before Confluencia, which is flat. So, the hard job is done already. This is the first day of actual trekking. I am very excited. So many people from around the world are here to summit the highest mountain of all the Americas. There are no teahouses here in Aconcagua, you have to carry your pack lunch and eat along the way. You trek a few hours, eat your pack lunch and then trek again. This is the way to do it here in Aconcagua. In Nepal, we have tea houses on almost all the treks. You can order a fresh meal, eat, take rest and enjoy the views. You can talk to local people and explore so many corners of the culture and nature. Sadly, it’s only walking and climbing here. Confluencia to the View point (Plaza Francia) – Today’s job is to go to View Point and get a good view of Mt. Aconcagua and enjoy because we are coming back to the same camp, Confuencia, to sleep. It helps us to adjust our body with altitude. After two beautiful nights here, we are now heading to the actual Base Camp, where we will set up the camp for a few days and get well prepared before heading towards the summit. Climbing Aconcagua is the dream mountain to climb, not just for those doing the Seven Summits, but also for all. It’s one of the easiest mountains to climb of all the Seven Summits. But saying this does not mean it’s easy for all, because this mountain is very high. 7000 meters is not a joke. Even though the climbing is easy, the high altitude makes it all different. In fact, this mountain is a walking peak where you are not using any kind of climbing equipment like rope, harness, crampons, etc… except the climbing boots in normal conditions. I can say it’s a little more difficult than climbing Kilimanjaro. So, other snowy peaks in the Seven Summits must be more difficult ones. When I was a child, I used to see the mountain in the sky and thought it must be Mt. Everest. Climbing Everest was my dream since childhood, but the everything has to support you to make this dream come true. I got my guiding license from Nepal Government in 2005 to lead the clients to the mountain. Since then, I was sure that I would climb Everest one. All went in my favor and I summited Everest in 2023, in my second attempt. Soon as I summited Mount Everest, I wanted to climb all Seven Summits of the seven continents. Of course, Aconcagua was one of my favorite mountains to climb after Everest. It's the Base Camp of Aconcagua, where you see so many tents, where the climbers are preparing themselves for the big climb ahead. We are doing the same. Our Climbing team has successfully made it to the Base Camp after 9 hours of long and exhausting hike from Confluencia. Fortunately, mules carried our extra luggage. Poor mules. One other person has just joined us at the Base Camp, so everyone is here and ready for the big climb. Here, we have the chance to enjoy the beautiful views and adjust to the altitude. We enjoy warm dinners, good sleep, and beautiful nights before heading to the higher camps. One more job to do here is to prepare the climbing food and equipment and take it to Camp One, so we separated our necessary climbing equipment and prepared the food for the climbing period. The beautiful thing here is that you can take hot shower and enjoy the surrounded Andes Mountains of Aconcagua Provincial Park. By the way, when you get to the Base Camp (Plaza de Mulas), you need to register your name (I mean your permits) at the ranger's post. They don’t want you to go missing in the mountains and freeze to death. My contact info: Ram Sharan Upreti Managing Director Mountain Ram Adventures Kathmandu, Nepal Mobile number: +977 9851074270

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Aconcagua Climbing Expedition 2024 - A survival story of a man from Nepal | avoid these mistakes .. (2024)
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