Here's everything we know about the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory parade in Kansas City (2024)

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When the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl last year, close to 1 million flooded the streets of downtown for a victory parade and rally. To celebrate their second win in a row, this Wednesday’s event could bring even more — especially if Taylor Swift shows up.

For thesecond year in a row, Kansas City Chiefs fans will descend on downtown to celebrate a Super Bowl win and show some love to their favorite players.


Here's everything we know about the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory parade in Kansas City (1)

The parade and celebration are slated for Wednesday, Feb. 14 — yes, the same date as both Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday.

Kansas City fans who have attended previous championship celebrations downtown know that planning is key.

Here’s what we know so far. (We’ll update this post with more information as it comes in.)

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When is the celebration?

The paradeis scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. A victory rally will start at Union Station as soon as the parade finishes, around 12:45 p.m.

Like in previous years, fans will be able towatch the rallyfrom the lawn of the National World War I Museum and Memorial. The whole parade will also be broadcast live on KSHB-41 andonline.

Matthew Naylor, president of the World War I Museum, told KCUR that staff had already begun preparing the grounds ahead of the Super Bowl.

What’s the route?

Pretty much the same as last year!

A map released by the Kansas City Sports Commission has the parade starting at 6th Street in the River Market and heading south on Grand Boulevard, through downtown, Power & Light and the Crossroads. Unlike last year, the parade will not be going through City Market.

The parade then turned onto Pershing Road and finished in front of Union Station.

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How will the parade impact traffic downtown?

The parade and rally will shut down several streets downtown. That means if you’re driving into downtown, you may have to park blocks away from the parade route and walk.

Here are the streets that will be closed (more will be added as details firm up):

  • Main Street, between 20th Street and Pershing Road(closed to both vehicles and pedestrians on Wednesday)
  • Main Street from Pershing to 27th Street (closed to vehicles, open to pedestrians)
  • Pershing Road, from Main Street to Kessler Road (closed beginning Monday)
  • The parade route will be closed starting Tuesday morning at 11 a.m.
  • Streets running east and west of Grand will be closed between Walnut and McGee, from 6th Street on the north to Pershing on the south (beginning Tuesday at 11 a.m.)
  • More road closures on Main Street from 27th to 31st Street (when parade starts)

Union Station will also be closed off to public access on Tuesday night around midnight, and will reopen on Wednesday at about 4 p.m.


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What will the weather be?

The forecast for Wednesday is looking balmy and warmer than normal for Kansas City in February.

As of now, we’re looking at sun and a high of 54 degrees. In the early morning, if you plan on getting a good spot along the parade route or on the World War I lawn, expect chillier temperatures in the low 30s, so dress appropriately.

Still, that’s nicer than the brisk day Kansas City had last year.

Will schools close?

Even before the big game, Kansas City Public Schools and the Independence School District announced there will be no school on Wednesday if there’s a parade.

Here is a list of school district that are canceling classes. We’ll update this list as more schools make their decisions – last year, it was almost certain that students in the Kansas City area would get the day off.

In Missouri:

  • Kansas City Public Schools
  • Independence School District

In Kansas, at least one district –Olathe Public Schools– already let families know that “regardless of the outcome” of the Super Bowl, class will continue as scheduled.

Most other Johnson County districts did cancel school last year. The Lawrence school district did not cancel school.

Here's everything we know about the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory parade in Kansas City (5)

What will security look like?

Just like in 2023, the celebration will be an all-hands-on-deck situation for the Kansas City Police Department.

Back in April, the Board of Police Commissioners, which governs the KCPD, saidovertime costsfor police officers working the parade cost $200,400.

The department said 805 law enforcement personnel were involved, including 530 on-duty and off-duty officers and another 275 from regional law enforcement agencies.

Can I ride the streetcar?

In 2023, the Kansas City Streetcar — which runs on Main Street parallel to the parade route — suspended operation on the parade day.

This Wednesday, the Streetcar will run in a limited capacity and will begin service at 6 a.m.

Passengers will not be able to board the Streetcar at Union Station. Instead, riders can exit and enter at the Crossroads stops on 19th and Main.

Streetcar service on Wednesday will begin at 6 a.m. and run at 10-12 minute frequencies until 10:30 a.m., when the streetcar will temporarily suspend service until the end of the parade and rally at Union Station.


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Can I take the bus?

You can ride the bus for free. The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) will provide park and rides at several locations to shuttle people to the parade route.

The shuttles run from 7-10:30 a.m. and again from 12-4 p.m. Riders are warned to prepare for a 45-minute wait.

  • Former K-Mart at Chouteau and Vivion (2835 NE Vivion Road)
  • HyVee Arena / West Bottoms (1800 Genessee Street)
  • Swope Park/Zoo (6800 Zoo Drive)
  • Oak Park Mall(11149 W 95th Street)
  • 47th Street State Transit Center (849 N 47th Street)

More info ontransportation options here.

What does cell phone service look like?

This has been a major issue in past years. It’s almost certain that cell phone service will be extremely limited because of the anticipated large crowd.

Officials recommend making plans with your group in case any one gets separated.

Will Taylor Swift be at the parade?

She made it to the Super Bowl, against all odds, so it’s a real possibility. Taylor, feel free to let us know what your plans are.

How much is this costing Kansas City?

Both the parade and the rally after will be free to attend, but not for the city to put on.

Kansas City officials recently approved spending $975,000 on the parade, which is higher than last year’s allocation of $750,000. Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas attributed the increase to overtime for city workers, public safety personnel and higher transportation costs.

The Jackson County Legislature also approved spending $75,000 to sponsor the parade. But the total cost of the parade – and how much, if anything, the Chiefs will chip in – has yet to be determined. Private sponsorships are also likely.

Last year, the estimated cost was at least $2.25 million.


Here's everything we know about the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory parade in Kansas City (7)

How did the Chiefs victory parade go last year?

Here's everything we know about the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory parade in Kansas City (8)

It was very big! Upwards of1 million peopleattended theparade and rallyin downtown Kansas City in 2023. In 2020, estimates put the crowd size somewhere between 800,000 and 1 million.

Fans from the metro and beyond lined up along the parade route early — as in, hours before the sun came up.

As time inched closer to the start of the parade, Grand Boulevard and the lawn of the World War I Museum was packed with people. Some stood 10 people deep, standing on tiptoes or sitting on shoulders, to hopefully get a glimpse of their favorite player.

Pretty early on, one of the biggest issues was bathroom access — KCUR found dozens of people waiting in line atone Porta Potty.

Here's everything we know about the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory parade in Kansas City (9)

Some fans rented spaces along Grand and stood on rooftops to get a bird’s eye view of the parade. If you were lucky enough to get a glimpse, a convoy of double-decker buses and trucks carried local officials and Chiefs players through downtown, with confetti raining down on the thousands of fans decked out in red Chiefs gear.

“This is a dynasty, y’all just didn’t know ’til now,” Kelce told the crowd at last year’s rally.

Now there’s no doubt.

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Here's everything we know about the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory parade in Kansas City (2024)


Why did someone shoot at the Chiefs parade? ›

According to prosecutors, the shooting was sparked by an argument during the celebration outside the city's Union Station on Feb. 14. The argument started after Young and two other people approached another group of people, prosecutors said.

Where were the Chiefs players during the shooting? ›

Just minutes after they had been laughing and singing while celebrating their Super Bowl championship, some Chiefs players were forced to hide in a closet inside Union Station after shooting began outside.

What happened at the Chiefs parade in 2024? ›

One person was killed and 22 were hurt in last week's mass shooting. Two adults have been arrested in connection with the mass shooting that erupted following a dispute at the Chiefs' Super Bowl parade last week, prosecutors announced Tuesday.

How many people attended the Chiefs Super Bowl parade? ›

One after another, double-decker buses and open-topped SUVs had ferried the likes of championship MVP Patrick Mahomes, star tight end Travis Kelce and head coach Andy Reid, along with other coaches, relatives and mascots, down the iconic thoroughfare as some 1 million fans – among them countless kids who'd gotten the ...

How many were killed in the Chiefs parade? ›

On February 14, 2024, 33 people were wounded in a mass shooting at the west side of Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri, United States. One person was killed and 22 others were shot, including 11 children. The shooting followed a Super Bowl LVIII victory parade for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Why did the Chiefs go in a circle? ›

An argument can be made that Andy Reid's decision to authorize his players to move in circle in front of the Raiders accomplished two tasks at once: The Chiefs demonstrated just how much they could outclass their archrival, and they knew their huddle would irritate the Raiders, who were in the midst of a season-ending ...

How many are in attendance at the Chiefs parade? ›

As many as 1 million fans turned out to cheer on the Chiefs on Wednesday, three days after their 25-22 victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 58. The event included a parade down Grand Boulevard, followed by a rally in front of Union Station.

Did Patrick Mahomes get shot? ›

Patrick Mahomes asks for prayers after fatal shooting at Chiefs' Super Bowl parade. Patrick Mahomes is safe after a deadly shooting took place during the team's Super Bowl victory parade in Kansas City, Mo.

What tragedy happened to the Chiefs? ›

One person was killed and 21 were injured after gunshots were fired at the end of the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl parade Wednesday afternoon.

Are the Kansas City Chiefs leaving Missouri? ›

Fortunately for Lucas and the people of Kansas City, the Chiefs won't be going anywhere any time soon. The team's lease at Arrowhead runs through Jan. 31, 2031, which means the two sides have just under seven years to get things figured out.

How many kids got lost at the Chiefs parade? ›

There were 8 reunification stations along the parade route. Kansas City police located and reunited 23 lost children during Wednesday's Chiefs Kingdom Champions Parade in downtown Kansas City.

Will Patrick Mahomes be at the Chiefs parade? ›

Patrick Mahomes is taking in the Kansas City Chiefs' fourth Super Bowl win. During Wednesday's Super Bowl victory parade in the Chiefs' hometown, the quarterback, 28, celebrated his third championship win with shoutouts to his teammates and their "underrated" defense.

Who pays for Chiefs parade? ›

Kansas City officials recently approved spending $975,000 on the parade, which is higher than last year's allocation of $750,000. Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas attributed the increase to overtime for city workers, public safety personnel and higher transportation costs.

Can you drink at the Super Bowl parade? ›

Alcohol is not allowed along the parade route. Eat food (especially protein) and drink water throughout the day. Know the source of your drinks.

Will Taylor Swift be at the Super Bowl parade in 2024? ›

His mother Donna Kelce was seen with him. Unfortunately, it looks like Taylor Swift isn't there. It looks like Swift will miss out on the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl victory parade on Wednesday as she gears up for her "Eras Tour" to resume in Australia.

What happened at the Kansas City Chiefs parade? ›

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — One of the men charged in a Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory celebration shooting that left one person dead and around two dozen others injured had recently come off probation for pulling out a gun during a dispute over a basketball game.

When did the Chiefs parade shooting happen? ›

The shooting occurred shortly before 2 p.m. on Feb. 14 as hundreds of thousands of Chiefs fans were celebrating the team's Super Bowl victory against the San Francisco 49ers. Shots fired on the west side of Union Station sent hundreds of people scrambling for cover.

Could Missouri's stand your ground law apply to the Super Bowl celebration shooters? ›

Even though Missouri has robust stand-your-ground laws, that doesn't mean you can spray bullets into a crowd in the name of defending yourself or others,” Mr. Ruben said.

Who is Paul Contreras? ›

Contreras, an employee in the Gas Distribution division, received the award in appreciation for the “extraordinary life-saving measures” he took on February 14 when he tackled and helped restrain an alleged shooting suspect at the parade until the police arrived. Contreras has 19 years of service with the District.

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