Persona 5 Royal Crossword Solutions (2024)

Crosswordsare just one of several significantly changed mechanics that Persona 5 Royal adds ato the Persona 5 experience, another ofm the many new systems and moments meant to flesh out your time when you're not dungeon crawling. While not new in P5R, they've been adjusted in such a way that the Crossword Puzzleshave gone from an activity to avoid to a must-complete to make the most of the game.

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In general, Persona 5 Royal Crosswords are the same as those in vanilla Persona 5, though how you access them has been tweaked slightly. Long story short, the content of the crosswords is identical across both versions of Persona 5, which means that this guide is suitable for both those who are playing the vanilla game as well as the Royal version.

This is a relatively straightforward guide - these are just crossword answers after all, so single-word solutions - but we have broken this page into two different sections: one offering the dates the Persona 5 Royal Crosswords are first available to attempt, and one list that features all of the crossword solutions and answers. Here goes:

  • Crossword Puzzle Answers
  • Why you should do Crosswords
  • Crossword Dates, Spoiler-free without solutions

Persona 5 Royal Crossword Answers - Dates & Solutions for every Puzzle

Listed below are the dates and Persona 5 Royal crossword puzzle answers for each night the crossword is first available. You'll find the crossword book sitting on the leftmost/innermost table inside of Café Leblanc at night on certain dates. How the puzzle works is that the questions will repeat until they are solved by the player. You only need to fill out the blue-highlighted squares to solve the puzzle.

Do note that while each of the Persona 5 Royal crosswords and their corresponding answers will always come in this set order as printed below, the crosswords are not specifically tied to a specific date. The dates listed below are simply all the dates each Persona 5 Royal crossword is first available at Leblanc, and the answers given belowassume you have solved each puzzle on the earliest opportunity possible. If you happen to miss a crossword, no big deal, the same puzzle will just repeat itself the next available night.

Persona 5 Royal Crossword Puzzle Answers:

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  • 4/18- SEMESTERS (How school years are divided)
  • 4/27- BLOSSOM (Hanami: cherry (?) viewing)
  • 5/2- GOLDEN (Time for a trip: (?) week)
  • 5/10- MALAISE (What are the May Blues?)
  • 5/18- GALLERY (Where art is shown off and sold)
  • 5/26- POLLENOSIS (A type of outdoor allergy)
  • 5/31- JAPANESE (Nihonga: (?) cultural artwork)
  • 6/3- MASTER (Label for an unparalleled artist)
  • 6/7- CONFERENCE (Held to inform the public)
  • 6/16- WARDROBE(Changes with the season)
  • 6/22- CURRENCY (Exchanged all over the world)
  • 6/30- FRONT (A border between air masses)
  • 7/7- NARCOTICS (Medicine of varying legality)
  • 7/12- VACATION (Many student's greatest love)
  • 7/19- FINALS (These gauge student knowledge)
  • 7/27- FIREWORKS (A seasonal skybound event)
  • 8/3- ISLAND (A stationary hotspot: heat (?))
  • 8/8- COURAGE (Necessary for dares)
  • 8/17- SUNBURN (A common skin injury)
  • 8/25- SWELTERING (When it's too hot to sleep)
  • 8/30- HACKING (Techy term for e-infiltration)
  • 9/2- TYPHOON (Localized destructive storm)
  • 9/19- FESTIVAL (Tsukimi: lunar viewing (?))
  • 9/28- RANKING (Establishing order or worth)
  • 10/6- BLACK (Absorbs the most light)
  • 10/10- HALLOWEEN (Co-opted Celtic holiday)
  • 10/31- STALLS (Lined up at school festivals)
  • 11/4- REWARD (Tipster hotlines offer this)
  • 11/14- BASHING (Laying into someone)
  • 11/28- CHARISMA (Draws people to you)
  • 12/2- INFLUENZA (A.K.A. sweating sickness)
  • 12/7- ILLUMINATE (What lights do for store signage)
  • 12/12- APPROVAL (Politicians thrive on this rating)
  • 12/19- CHRISTMAS (Joyful holiday w/ an intruder)
  • 1/14- RESOLUTION (A type of wish: New Year's)
  • 1/19- DIONYSUS (Ancient god of theater)
  • 1/23- LACHESIS (Ancient god of fate)
  • 1/27- OROCHI (Ancient legendary dragon)

Why you should complete Persona 5 Royal's Crossword Puzzles

The Persona 5 Royal Crossword Puzzles are particularly important because it's one key way you can improve one of your social stats, Knowledge.Knowledge, an important stat as itwill affect your scores on School Examsand is also a social stat needed to pursue relationships with thePriestess Confidant,Star Confidant, andJustice Confidant. In Persona 5 Royal, an easy way to consistently boost your Knowledge stat is to fill out the crossword puzzle found atCafé Leblanc -as long as you know where and when to look.

Crossword puzzles were also present in the original Persona 5, but in that game, they were not an especially efficient use of time as there were better ways to raise your Knowledge stat. However, in Persona 5 Royal, crossword puzzles do not take time to complete. This means crosswords are basically free Knowledge points just sitting there for you, ready for you to grab as long as you finish the crosswords the nights they are available.

If you solve 15 of the Persona 5 Royal crossword puzzles, you'll also get the Word Wizard award in the Thieves Den. Crosswords are otherwise not directly tied to any PlayStation trophies, or achievements on the Xbox, Windows, or Steam versions of the game.

And that's it! If you're working through Persona 5 Royal, don't forget to consult our Confident Guide and Gift Guide to level up those relationships, and our page on how to get the canon true ending, too - it's missable!

Persona 5 Royal Crossword Dates without Solutions

The following are the dates upon which a new Persona 5 Royal Crossword Puzzle becomes available for you to tackle in LeBlanc. This list is ideal for if you want to approach the crosswords and know when they're available, but don't want any spoilers because you enjoy the brain tease of figuring out each of the puzzles on your own.

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Remember, if you have more than one unsolved puzzle left over, they don't go away - the game will simply stack them up for you, meaning you can complete them one after the other until you're caught up. Don't panic if you can't get to the puzzle on the first day it's available - it'll wait for you.

This list doesn't feature the solutions, so if you want to try to tackle the crosswords on your own merits, you can. This list instead serves just to give you the crossword dates, so you know when to head to LeBlanc for a new one.

Here's the full Persona 5 Crossword Dates list, in the order they appear in-game:

  • April 27th: Hanami: cherry ? viewing
  • May 2nd: Time for a trip: ? week
  • May 10th: What are the May Blues?
  • May 18th: Where art is shown off and sold
  • May 26th: A type of outdoor allergy
  • May 31st: Nihonga: ? cultural artwork
  • June 3rd: Label for an unparalleled artist
  • June 7th: Held to inform the public
  • June 16th: Changes with the season
  • June 22nd: Exchanged all over the world
  • June 30th: A border between air masses
  • July 7th: Medicine of varying legality
  • July 12th: Many student's greatest love
  • July 19th: These gauge student knowledge
  • July 27th: A seasonal skybound event
  • August 3rd: A stationary hotspot: heat ?
  • August 8th: Necessary for dares
  • August 17th: A common skin injury
  • August 25th: When it's too hot to sleep
  • August 30th: Techy term for e-infiltration
  • September 2nd: Localized destructive storm
  • September 19th: Tsukimi: lunar viewing ?
  • September 28th: Establishing order or worth
  • October 6th: Absorbs the most light
  • October 10th: Co-opted Celtic holiday
  • October 31st: Lined up at school festivals
  • November 4th: Tipster hotlines offer this
  • November 14th: Laying into someone
  • November 28th: Draws people to you
  • December 2nd: A.K.A. sweating sickness
  • December 7th: What lights do for store signage
  • December 12th: Politicians thrive on this rating
  • December 19th: Joyful holiday w/ an intruder
  • January 14th: A type of wish: New Year's
  • January 19th: Ancient god of theater
  • January 23rd: Ancient god of fate
  • January 27th: Ancient legendary dragon
Persona 5 Royal Crossword Solutions (2024)
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