Super Bowl 2023: Fast-Food Specials, Deals and Promotions (2024)

Food Franchisors Score Points with Big Game Bargains

With Super Bowl LVII coming up this Sunday, Feb. 12, food franchises are offering specials, deals, and promotions to take watch parties to the next level. While pizza and wings are traditional go-to options, franchise businesses also offer pretzels, sandwiches, barbecue, and more to enhance Big Game food spreads.

Not only do franchise brands benefit from huge sales (Domino’s sold enough pizzas during last year’s Super Bowl to stretch across about 7,000 football fields!), but over 100 million viewers can see Big Game ads. With or without a Super Bowl ad, brands like Auntie Anne’s, Applebee’s, and Dickey’s Barbecue Pit score touchdowns with foodies and football fans by bringing on Big Game fun.

Here is a sampling of 2023 Super Bowl fast-food specials, deals, and promotions.

Super Bowl Specials, Deals and Promotions


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The Super Bowl is all about football and wings, and Applebee’s is offering 20 free boneless wings with any purchase over $40 via delivery and To Go this Feb 12. Guests have to enter the promo code BIGGAME23 at checkout. Wings are served with Bleu cheese or buttermilk ranch dressing and a choice of six sauces: Classic Buffalo, Honey BBQ, Sweet Asian Chile, Garlic Parmesan, Extra Hot Buffalo, and Honey Pepper.

Auntie Anne’s

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Pretzels make a great addition to any Super Bowl food spread. From Feb. 9 – 12, customers get free delivery on all qualifying orders of $12 or more made on Auntie Anne’s website or app at participating locations. To score big at Super Bowl parties, guests can get the Snack Stadium, which is filled with a variety of specialty pretzels and assorted dips.

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

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Dickey’s Barbecue Pit is offering catering packs to celebrate the Big Game. These packs include the Big Yellow Box and Ribs, which includes 24 wings, 18 ribs, mac and cheese, cole slaw rolls, barbecue sauce, and ranch dressing. The Family Pack consists of two meats, three medium sides, six rolls, and barbecue sauce. The Picnic Pack comes with meat, four sides, eight rolls, and barbecue sauce. With the Build Your Own Big Yellow Box, guests can pick four pounds of their choice of meats, three large sides, rolls, relish, and barbecue sauce. Guests can save 20% by using the code SUPER20 on orders made on the Dickey’s app or website.

Wings Over

Wings Over allows customers to preorder their Super Bowl party spread through Feb. 11. Those who preorder with the fast-casual franchise get a $5 reward redeemable from Feb. 13 – 17. The offer is valid at participating locations for takeout and pickup orders.


Super Bowl 2023: Fast-Food Specials, Deals and Promotions (5)

Potbelly is offering free delivery at participating locations from Feb. 9 – 12 with a $20 purchase. This deal is available on the app or website. The brand is offering the Big Game Bundle for 6, which includes six sandwiches, six chips, and six cookies. There is also the Big Game Bundle for 10. The Touchdown Bundle contains 10 sandwiches, chips, and cookies as well as a group salad and tea or lemonade.

Little Caesars

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Little Caesars is the official pizza sponsor of Super Bowl LVII. If you order through the website an hour before the game, you’ll receive perks such as 30% off official NFL merchandise, $2 wings, or a crazy bread for just 99 cents.

Cicis Pizza

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Through Feb. 12, Cicis Pizza is offering its new Party Starter Packs. The Classic Pack, Popper Pack and Wing Pack will be available for pickup or delivery at Cicis locations nationwide. The Party Starter Packs include two one-topping pizzas and a side. The Classic Pack is $27.99 and includes a choice of 20 cinnamon rolls or 16 cheesy breads. The Popper Pack is $26.99 and includes a choice of 12 poppers. For $33.99, you get a choice of 10 bone-in or boneless wings with the Wing Pack.


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Customers can pre-order their game day spread from Hooters and get $10 off orders over $60 or $20 off orders over $100 when using theapp. Guests must use promo code BIGGAME10 or BIGGAME20. This offer is valid through Feb.11.

Wayback Burgers

Wayback Burgers is offering two deals based on the Big Game’s field goals. Customers can enjoy 50% off all app orders if any player successfully kicks a 50-yard-plus field goal during the Super Bowl, from Feb. 13-14. If no one scores a field goal, customers get 10% off all app orders.


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Just in time for the Big Game, Domino’s introduced Loaded Tots, which are tater tots with melty cheese and toppings. There are three varieties: Philly Cheese Steak, Cheddar Bacon, and Melty 3-Cheese. Loaded Tots are $6.99 each when guests choose any two or more Mix & Match menu items. These new food items can be ordered for carryout or delivery.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Super Bowl 2023: Fast-Food Specials, Deals and Promotions (11)

Buffalo Wild Wings is bringing back its “overtime button” for the Big Game. If the Super Bowl goes into overtime, Buffalo Wild Wings will offer one free order of six boneless or traditional wings. Since this is the first year that both teams will get the ball in overtime, there is a greater chance for more football and wings. Guests can redeem the offer on Monday, Feb. 27, from 4 -7 p.m. The deal is available for dine-in and in-person takeout only.


Customers get a free large pizza from 7-Eleven through the 7NOW Delivery app on Feb. 12. All of the brand’s pizza varieties (extreme meat, cheese, pepperoni, and breakfast) are included in the deal at participating locations.

Wing It On!

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To make the Big Game even better, Wing It On! allows guests to preorder wings on its website and app or by calling. The wing franchise hosted a Big Game contest on social media. Participants had to follow Wing It On! on Instagram, like the post about the giveaway, tag friends, and share the post to their story and tag the wing franchise for multiple chances to win. The first-place winner receives a $100 gift card for, and the person in second place gets a $50 gift card. The winner will be contacted via direct message.

Taco Bell

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Taco Bell is offering the Ultimate Game Day Box for $22 through Feb. 9. This box includes eight Crispy Chicken Wings, four Crunchy Tacos, and a Mexican Pizza. The fast-food brand is also launching the Big A** Mexican Pizza, which is four times the size of a traditional Mexican Pizza, for fans in Glendale, Ariz., the home of Super Bowl LVII.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is bringing back its 16-inch pie for the first time in two decades. The pie costs $13.99.


Super Bowl 2023: Fast-Food Specials, Deals and Promotions (14)

Zaxby’s has two Big Game offers. The first is $10 off orders that are $50 placed through the Zaxby’s app on Feb. 12. The other is orders made through the app can be delivered for free. These offers can’t be used simultaneously. New users who download the Zaxby’s app and sign up for the Zax Rewardz program on or before the Big Game will have the Big Zax Snak Meal available.


Super Bowl 2023: Fast-Food Specials, Deals and Promotions (15)

In honor of the Big Game, Bonchon is offering 50 wings for $65 at participating locations. This deal is available online, in-store, for carry out or delivery. Guests can choose from soy garlic or spicy sauce.

Round Table Pizza

Super Bowl 2023: Fast-Food Specials, Deals and Promotions (16)

To get in on the Big Game fun, Round Table Pizza is allowing customers to get a Double Play Pepperoni Pizza for $21.99 at participating locations on Feb. 12. This deal is valid for dine-in, carry-out, and delivery.

Graze Craze

Super Bowl 2023: Fast-Food Specials, Deals and Promotions (17)

Graze Craze has been making watch parties healthier all season long. The Game Day Board serves six and includes breads, meats, cheeses, fruits, and more.

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Super Bowl 2023: Fast-Food Specials, Deals and Promotions (2024)
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