Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas (2024)

By: Britni Vigil

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Are you looking for the perfect Super Bowl football charcuterie board ideas for the big game? I’ve made a list of the best snack board ideas with something for everyone, from buffalo wings to sweet treats to delicious football charcuterie boards. These perfect game day board ideas will make people as excited for the food as they are for the game itself, maybe more.

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas (1)

Everyone knows the most important part of Super Bowl Sunday is the food – well that and the game. And other Super Bowl party games you play to keep the people busy who don’t care about the game.

I mean Super Bowl commercial bingo anyone??

But back to the food. These Super Bowl charcuterie board ideas are a great way to celebrate the beginning, middle, or end of football season with something different than just a traditional meat tray.

I’ve put together tons of fun ideas for incorporating all your favorite football themed foods into one delicious spread! If you want to make these specific to Super Bowl teams – add some of these Super Bowl printables on top, all updated with the colors and numbers for this year’s teams!

These boards nail the football theme with the focal point of the board being in the shape of a football. Not to mention they are full of everyone’s favorite things, like a chicken wing football topped with ranch dressing. You really can’t go wrong with any of these boards.

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas (2)

Game Day Board

Complete with a bacon-crusted cheese ball and full pizza, this board is full of game-day favorites. I especially love how they turned the end of the cucumbers into little footballs. A great option if you are looking for a mix of comfort and healthy. Just don't forget the ranch dip!

Check it out!

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas (3)

Chicken Wing Football Board

This is my favorite use of chicken wings on a board. Easy to replicate with any football-shaped bowl and a little bit of ranch dressing. Another great way to blend a veggie and snack board. It's a total game day win!

Check it out!

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas (4)

Pull Apart Football Board

Throw this football on a tray or add a favorite dip and a few of your favorite snacks around it and you've got the best charcuterie board around. The best part is it is easy to make and good both warm an at room temperature!

Check it out!

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas (5)

Pepperoni Football Board

This pepperoni football is surrounded by a wide variety of delicious appetizers. These classic super bowl party foods are a great addition to the cheese ball centerpiece perfect for any super bowl gathering. Stick to the pizza theme by adding these homemade pepperoni rolls, these mini calzones, and these pizza twists around the ball!

Check it out!

Boards Featuring Favorite Appetizers

Appetizers may be my favorite part of any meal, which makes these boards some of my favorites. With all the good things like soft pretzels, french fries, pigs in a blanket, and various dipping sauces these boards have plenty of delicious finger foods to feed the masses. And that’s a great reason to choose one of these!

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas (6)

Pretzel Board

Let's kick off (see what I did there) this list with a fan favorite, pretzels. With a variety of pretzel types and dipping sauces, this board is sure to be a touchdown on the big day.

Check it out!

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas (7)

Classic Appetizer Board

This board focuses on classic appetizers and gives snackers plenty of options to choose from. I love all the options but would suggest using a big board so you don't have to spend the entire game keeping it stocked. I predict things will go quickly with this one.

Check it out!

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas (8)

Southern Snack Board

This board focuses on some of the best snacks of the south like potato chips, summer sausage, okra, and pork rinds. These different options are a nice contrast to the typical chips and dip you see on a board without being too out there.

Check it out!

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas (9)

Fan Favorite Board

This board has it all from wings to trail mix to celery sticks to popcorn. I love the use of peppers for the dip instead of small bowls, easy way to make the dipping sauce stand out more.

Check it out!

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas (10)

Chicken Wing Appetizer Board

Nothing better during a game than a warm chicken wing with a good dip in a homemade ranch. This board is all about eating yummy wings and fresh veggies. With the wings being the star of the board I would personally trade out some of the veggies for a good buffalo chicken dip.

Check it out!

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas (11)

French Fry Board

French fries are a staple in my life, pretty sure that was my sole food group back in high school. With a plethora of dipping options like honey mustard and garlic mayo, this board is a great snacking option. Pro tip, use an air fryer to give them a restaurant-worthy crunch.

Check it out!

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas (12)

Meat Board

Let's finish off this list with an array of delicious meat products. This meat board does actually taste as good as it looks and will excite all your food-loving party guests.

Check it out!

Healthy Boards

Often sports games turn into stressful binge eating sessions, which is why I like to offer a few healthy options as well. After all, no one has ever complained after binging out on carrots. This list is great if you are looking for something healthier and different than the normal snacks.

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas (13)

Baked Potato Board

Baked potatoes are typically a safe bet if you have a few picky eaters or vegetarians. Load the board up with your favorite toppings and a few snacky items and you are all set.

Check it out!

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas (14)

Vegan Board

It's more often than not a good idea to have a vegan option nowadays, especially if you don't know all of your party guests super well yet. This board is simple but a great place to start if you are looking for any good vegan options.

Check it out!

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas (15)

Fresh Spring Roll Board

I wanted to throw in a different option here if you are looking for something out of the ordinary. While these rolls are tricky to wrap at first, they are delicious! Especially when paired with the right sauce like this simple Thai peanut sauce recipe.

Check it out!

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas (16)

Cheese Board

Filled with some of the best cheeses and fruits this board is an easy choice. A nice, lighter compliment to the typical heavy game food, this cheese board would be a refreshing option.

Check it out!

Favorite Game Day foods

Super Bowl always seems to fall about dinner time, which often means snacks for dinner. While that works great for my toddler, I often find myself wanting something more filling. So I compiled this list of go-to game day foods served conveniently on boards.

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas (17)

Taco Board

Tacos are so easy and versatile that they are always a crowd-pleaser. This board will impress all guests with plenty of tacos (we love this taco meat recipe) and toppings for everyone. I especially love the size of this board, it looks like it can feed a crowd. You could also setup a nacho bar to go with the tacos!. Find a similar board here.

Check it out!

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas (18)

Hot Dog Board

Whether serving kids or adults you really can never go wrong with hot dogs. Throw them on a tray with your favorite toppings and you've got an easy board that everyone will enjoy. If you want to elevate the board consider adding brats instead of hot dogs.

Check it out!

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas (19)

Burger Board

This board is a fun way to let people build their own burgers. Consider making slider-sized burgers instead if you are going to offer other snacks so people can try everything without getting too full.

Check it out!

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas (20)

Fajita Board

This is a great choice if you are hosting a smaller group and want to provide dinner. This is also an easy way to spice up the food while still serving something familiar. Bonus it looks great too! This basmati rice would make a great addition to the board!

Check it out!

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas (21)

Dessert Board

While this is shouldn't be considered a dinner board, it is full of some of my favorite game day foods. This dessert board has a little bit of everything sweet without being too crowded. With plenty of options, it's a fun way to add something sweet to an otherwise savory list. Great way to end an evening or celebrate a win!

Check it out!

Taylor Swift Boards!

With Taylor Swift most likely being at this year’s Super Bowl and so many Swifties watching, it would be stupid of me not to mention that you could also do a Taylor Swift inspired charcuterie board like the ones below! I made for each of the 10 albums and you can see them all in this Taylor Swift party ideas post!

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas (22)

Charcuterie boards are one of those new fun ideas that I hope are here to stay. I love being able to bring a platter of my favorite things rather than a bag of tortilla chips to a party.

While they may sound too fancy for super bowl Sunday, I promise you and your guests will love them. They’re actually easier to make than most other Super Bowl foods you probably had on your menu!

They’re super easy to make and they always look as good as they taste. Let me know which board you like the most or want to try in the comments!

Charcuterie Board FAQs

What are the 5 most popular Super Bowl foods?

The most popular Super Bowl foods that would be good on a charcuterie board include wings, buffalo wing dip, pizza, spinach artichoke dip (really any dip), and chips and dip like a good guacamole or salsa. Any of these would be great on a Super Bowl charcuterie board!

Can you make the charcuterie board the night before?

You can make the charcuterie board the night before if you’re not including things that are baked or cooked. Examples would be things like meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts, and desserts. If you’re doing anything that is cooked like a hot dog board or wing board, I recommend making it right before the Super Bowl party.

More Super Bowl Food Ideas

If you’re looking for delicious eats for the Super Bowl, try out these tasty snacks. They pair perfectly with football games!

  • Chick Fil-A chicken minis recipe – you can either eat these as little chicken nugget sliders or just chicken nuggets, either way they’re delicious!
  • Asian chicken wing recipe – they’re sticky, they’re sweet, and they’re absolutely delicious.
  • Taco dip with meat – this layered taco dip tastes just like tacos but in dip form! It’s always a hit!
  • Pepperoni roll ups – super simple and tasty pepperoni rolls you can make in minutes!
  • Crockpot meatballs with grape jelly – easiest meatballs ever, and they’re always gone in seconds!
Super Bowl Charcuterie Board Ideas (2024)


What do you put on a Super Bowl charcuterie board? ›

Super Bowl Charcuterie Board
  1. Meat. • 1 Deli meats. • 1 Meats/charcuterie.
  2. Produce. • 1 Fruit, Fresh. • 1 Greens. ...
  3. Condiments. • 1 Condiments. • 1 Olives, black and green.
  4. Nuts & Seeds. • 1 Nuts & almonds.
  5. Bread & Baked Goods. • 1 Slider buns.
  6. Snacks. • 1 Crackers.
  7. Dairy. • 1 Cheese.
  8. Other. • chips. • Pickled elements/ sweet & sour.

What is the 3 3 3 3 rule for charcuterie board? ›

What is the 3-3-3-3 Rule for Charcuterie Boards? No matter the style of the wood charcuterie board, you can always follow the 3-3-3-3 rule. Every charcuterie board should have three meats, three cheeses, three starch options, and three accompaniments, such as fruit, nuts, or veggies.

What are 5 things to avoid on a charcuterie board? ›

5 Mistakes You are Making on Your Charcuterie Board
  • Peppers: Whether green, red, or yellow, peppers are best avoided. ...
  • Tricky vegetables: Namely, tomatoes or Asparagus. ...
  • Jalapeno stuffed olives (or anything too spicy): Very hot foods simply don't work well with most wines, and they can overwhelm your taste buds.

What do you put in charcuterie board bowls? ›

Here are some suggestions:
  1. 2 to 3 varieties of cheeses (hard and soft)
  2. 1 to 2 varieties of bite-sized meats (salami, prosciutto, ect)
  3. 1 to 2 fresh veggies (cherry tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers)
  4. 2 to 3 fresh or dried fruits (grapes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apricots)
  5. Crackers or pretzels.

How to make a Super Bowl board? ›

Make a 10 by 10 grid on the poster, so that you will have 100 square blocks across the board. Be sure to leave room around edges of the board to write numbers and words. Write the numbers 0 through 9 along the left side of the grid next to each square. Write the numbers 0 through 9 across the top above each square.

What are 3 good cheeses for a charcuterie board? ›

Here are the best cheeses for your charcuterie board
  • Hard cheese: chunks of parmesan, aged gouda, asiago.
  • Firm cheese: gruyere, comte, manchego, colby, cheddar.
  • Semi-soft cheese: havarti, butterkäse, muenster.
  • Soft cheese: burrata, mascarpone, stracchino.
  • Blue cheese: gorgonzola, dunbarton blue, marbled blue jack.

How do you make a prettiest charcuterie board? ›

Divide your board into quadrants, and place one type of meat in the middle of each quadrant. There are different ways to place the charcuterie: You can shape slices into a rose-like shape, by rolling them like a cinnamon roll. Little clumps and swirls of cured hams are easy and fun.

How many cheeses for charcuterie board for 20 guests? ›

Plan for about 1-2 ounces of cheese per person. As with your meat selections, have your cheese sliced thin (at a 1-2 thickness) to make layering easier. If you'd like to incorporate cheese cubes, or have guests cut their own pieces, have those sliced at an 8-10 thickness.

What are the red things on a charcuterie board? ›

The red things on a charcuterie board typically include red meats like cured sausages or prosciutto, red-colored cheeses, and fruits such as red grapes or berries.

How unhealthy are charcuterie boards? ›

Many ingredients used in charcuterie boards are high in sodium, including deli meats, dry sausages, cheeses, salted nuts, pretzels and crackers. The recommendation for daily sodium intake for adults is 2,300 milligrams or less. To reduce the sodium load on your board, add more fresh or dried fruits and raw veggies.

Can I put oranges on a charcuterie board? ›

Here is a list of great fruits to include on a Charcuterie board: Apples, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, grapes, oranges and pears. These can be sliced and presented beautifully.

What kind of pickles for charcuterie? ›

Those pickles are called cornichons (pronounced "KOR-nee-shons"), and they are exactly what they seem to be: tiny pickles, or, as the English call them, gherkins. Their tart, mildly sweet flavor makes them the ideal garnish to serve with classic charcuterie items such as pâtés, terrines, cured sausages, and the like.

What vegetables go on a charcuterie board? ›

When it comes to what vegetables you should use for your vegetable charcuterie, almost any vegetable can work. Some easy favorite vegetables to incorporate in your boards include, carrots, celery, bell peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and green beans.

What is on a charcuterie board for football games? ›

Ingredients: French Bread, Cranberry Walnut Bread, Soppressata, Peppered Salami, Sweet Coppa, Goat Cheese, Turkey Salami, Italian Prosciutto, Fennel spiced ham, Carrots, English Cucumber, Pepper Jack Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Swiss Cheese, Wheat crackers, Mini sweet peppers, Cracked pepper crackers, Rosemary crackers, ...

What is traditionally on a charcuterie board? ›

What's Included in These Boards? A typical charcuterie board consists of mainly meats and cheeses. But at many restaurants or house parties, it's common that these boards include bread, fruits, nuts, condiments such as honey or mustard, pickles, and olives.

What are Super Bowl boards? ›

One unique type of Super Bowl bet is Super Bowl squares. Squares are played on a bingo-like board and don't directly depend on the winner of the game, making them engaging for everyone regardless of their rooting interest.

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