Sweet Potatoes With Miso-Ginger Sauce Recipe (2024)

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This sauce will taste great on ANYTHING! I roasted large slabs of butternut squash in the oven set ay 465 for about 1/2 hour, drizzled with a little oil. It browned the squash beautifully! I prefer this to SP, as they are too sweet for my taste.

In the bowl I added:
brown rice
pickled slivered beets
fresh baby greens
steamed purple kale
shredded carrot
and of course the black sesames + the MAGIC sauce.

A beautiful, colorful dish that could have been served in a restaurant.


I have never used miso. where in the supermarket would I find it?


My local grocery store has miso in the refrigerated section where you'll find tofu, cheeses, humus and specialty prepared foods. If you have an Asian grocery store in your area, you'll find a better variety there. Take note this recipe calls for white miso...other kinds, red, for ex. have different flavor. You can order artisan miso from South River Miso here in Massachusetts. (No, not relatives of mine...I just love their misos!) www.southrivermiso.com has recipes too.


Delicious! Made this recipe with some Japanese sweet potatoes from my CSA box this week. Love texture that the potatoes get when steamed, and the notes of carmelization after pan frying them. The sauce is to die for! I used less sesame oil as mine had a very strong flavor, so I'd advise just adding a little at a time to your liking.


Miso-sesame sauce is among my standbys, but I tend to use sesame paste instead of sesame oil -- the extra body and flavor is welcome and the substitution avoids the sauce feeling at all oily.

An Artist

Just made this. OUTSTANDING. I followed the proportions, made 2 changes for convenience. I cut the sweet potatoes in half, rubbed with some oil and put them in a pan covered with foil in a 425 oven. They caramelized beautifully. Second, not having a mortar and pestle I doubled the sauce recipe so I could use a blender -- great sauce and leftovers for whatever I think it will work. Served the potatoes in a bowl on top of a split of soba noodles (just a few) and some baby salad greens.


I doubled the sauce recipe....it was delicious and could be used on any vegetable or grain. I used a garlic press for the garlic and fine grater for ginger as I dont have a mortar...it seemed to work fine. I also used avacado oil for the carmalizing as I didnt have untoasted sesame oil. I think any light flavourless oil would work. will definitely make the sauce again.


I microwaved them instead of steaming and it worked. The results were delicious! Loved the sauce and let the potatoes get a nice crispy brown on them. The sweet of the potatoes contrasted nicely with the gingery sauce


I loved this. The sauce is amazing and can be used for many different things. For the potatoes - use long narrow ones. Potatoes that have a large bulb and thin tail do not cook evenly. Additionally, the larger the pan fry area to potato ratio the yummier it is.


I had to do quite a bit of subbing on the sauce but am here to testify that it still turned out delicious! I subbed toasted pumpkin seed oil for toasted sesame, because we have a sesame allergy in our house. I only had seasoned rice wine vinegar and red mung bean miso...so...I imagine mine didn't taste anything like it was supposed to but it was great anyway! I served it with the griddled sweet potatoes over lightly sautéed kale, cauliflower rice and beluga lentils.


I love caramelizing sweet potatoes in the pan. I'd be going way out of my way to get miso though. The ginger and garlic is where the flavor is at, now something to take place of the miso....hmmm..a little mayo, or light roux, or possible even sour cream.


If you don't have a mortar, blending the miso-ginger sauce will give it smoothness. I didn't have a mortar and the first time I made this, the dressing turned out too chunky even after carefully mincing the ginger and garlic.

Jane on Whidbey

I steam my yams or sweet potatoes in an electric pressure cooker now. Faster, and absolutely delicious. Can't wait to try this sauce, because I've seen it on menus, but have never thought to look for it. Miso is wonderful to have in the house at all times. I love the broth it makes.


The miso sauce is so good! It was delicious on sweet potatoes, but I also make just the sauce and put it on other things: brussel sprouts, roasted carrots so far, but i suspect it will also be good on udon or soba noodles.

Phil B

That sounds awesome. Can I eat at your house?


Easier to roast the sweet potatoes. The sauce makes the meal.


Like others, I simply roasted my sweet potatoes, lol. You'll want to quadruple the sauce though. It's delicious. Also, this pairs really well with Sam Sifton's Roasted Salmon Glazed With Brown Sugar and Mustard. I served on brown rice with roasted broccoli. Not a quick dinner but a great, simple meal, good for guests.

greer wylder

This was excellent. And everyone is right about the sauce, it would be perfect with a lot of dishes. Definitely making it again.


Awesome sauce! There may be some subtle difference in flavor using a mortar/pestle for ginger & garlic, but the sauce comes together very quickly in my nutribullet blender, no grating necessary. Also for expedience: microwave potatoes until almost cooked, then cut in half. They are great on the grill!


Very good on roasted vegetables.


I might make this again, but definitely not as directed. Steaming the sweet potato was a total fail. My large potatoes steamed for 70 minutes and were still too hard, so I switched to the microwave. Ten minutes there was little help, but I was starving, so I cut one in half and sautéed it as directed. The flavor of the miso sauce was excellent and it was a good topping for sweet potato. When I make this again, I will microwave the potatoes for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on size, and then bake.


This is a waste of time and effort. I could only taste the sauce once it was applied to the sweet potatoes. Without the sauce, the sweet potatoes were uneventful. Toss a sweet potato in the oven and bake it. Top it with butter or olive oil. It will taste better and require far less cleanup.


Great recipe! When using standard American sweet potatoes, make sure to avoid over-steaming. They turn from soft to completely mushy within minutes. We cooked the recipe again with Japanese sweet potatoes (dark red skin, pale yellow flesh), which hold up better. They're a tad less sweet, but still caramelize when fried on the cut surface. We love their texture, and the nuttier, more subtle flavor.

Olivia W.

Can this dish be served room temp?


Yes, we cooked ahead and served it as a room-temp side at Thanksgiving. We left the dressing on the side, so everybody could spoon as much on the potatoes as they wanted, and flavors wouldn't blend beforehand. It is nice to preserve the contrast between sweet potatoes and dressing until it's time to eat


Splendid sauce! (Thinner than photo.) Perfect partner to sweet potatoes. 'Keeper' to use with other things. Didn't use technique to steam and griddle the sweets, but did cut them in half then cooked riffing on Nik Sharma technique that sort of oven steams them and colors up cut sides. See link. Scored the sweets as shown; that allows sauce to make its' way into them when spooned on. So good! https://abrowntable.com/home/the-flavor-equation-baked-sweet-potatoes-with-maple-crme-frach

Christina F

This sauce is so delicious you could eat it on anything and everything! Even a shoe!!


I can't be the only person who skipped the griddling step. I try to keep meals tasty and uncomplicated when I can. I cooked the sweet potatoes in the instant pot for 15 minutes.The sauce is WONDERFUL. Trust Deborah Madison to get it right. I paired this with a garbanzo bean salad inspired by a Rancho Gordo recipe - garbanzo beans, tomatoes, red onion, cucumbers tossed with a lemon vinaigrette. Delicious, healthy meal.


Love the idea (from another reviewer) of doubling sauce and making in the blender and of caramelizing in the oven instead of the griddle (easier clean up and just as good a result). This was a delicious and tasty dish that is very versatile; add a salad and/or serve over some soba for a complete dinner or make as a side dish.


I pricked and then pressure-cooked the potatoes (skins on) with two cups of water, raised in on the trivet. 3 large ones took 15 minutes. Came out great.


I made this recipe a little differently. I peeled the sweet potatoes (a bit of a pain), cut them into large cubes, drizzled them with avocado oil and roasted at 425 until tender. Poured sauce on just before serving. Yummy!

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Sweet Potatoes With Miso-Ginger Sauce Recipe (2024)
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