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A List Of Maine Coon Breeders In The US By State - Maine Coon Expert (1)

May 23, 2021|MaineCoon|Breed , Characteristics , Generic

A List Of Maine Coon Breeders In The US By State

Are you looking into adopting a Maine Coon cat to join your family?

There are kittens and retired adult Maine Coons available for adoption all over the United States.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of Maine Coon breeders by state, to help you find the closest one with availablity.

Most breeders are family homes where the cats are taken care of with love and lots of attention.

Kittens are tested for genetic diseases and disorders, given all vaccinations and kept with their mother until they wean naturally.

When adult cats are too old to keep breeding, they are sometimes given for adoption to new homes.

The most exclusive Maine Coon breeders are the ones that have cat show winner lineage.

The breeders take care to keep the lineage intact through all the litters and will select the new owners carefully.

These Maine Coon cats come with certificates to show their superior breeding and exclusivity.

From small homes with one litter a year, to full on catteries with four or five litters a year, you will be sure to find the right breeder for your family in the following list.

In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about this fascinating breed, please CLICK HERE

Here’s to finding your new Maine Coon family member!

As of May 2021, all the websites in this list work, if you find one that doesn’t please let us know so we can update it.


Name: Congocoons Cattery
Address:849 County Rd. 285, Stevenson, AL 35773
Phone: N/A

Name: Backwoods Kennel and Cattery
Address: 2686 County Rd. 793, Centre, AL 35960




Name: Pimacoon
Website: www.mainecoonkittensforsale.net/tucson-az-available-kittens-1
Email: mainesuspect@gmail.com
Address: Tucson, Arizona
Phone: 520-8861304

Name:Advent Hill Cattery
Website: www.adventhillcattery.com
Email: lynne@adventhillcattery.com
Address: Scottsdale, Arizona
Phone: 480-6262738

Name: Suncoon
Website: www.suncoon.com
Email: suncoons@gmail.com
Address: north of Phoenix, Arizona
Phone: N/A

Name: Game on Cats
Website: www.GameOnCats.com
Email: mccarthy@gameoncats.com
Address: San Tan Valley, Arizona 85140
Phone: 602-4912315


Name: Mystique and Legends Cattery
Website: www.mystiqueandlegends.com
Email: mystiqnlegnd@aol.com
Address: Hot Springs, Arkansas
Phone: N/A

Name: 2 bar W Coons
Website: www.2barwcoons.com
Email: teresa@2barwcoons.com
Address: Danville Rd, Hot Springs -Arkansas, 71901
Phone: N/A


Name: Coons’Kin Maine Coons
Website: www.coonskincats.com
Email: coonskincats@yahoo.com
Address: San Diego, California
Phone: N/A

Name: Cameronwoods
Website: www.cameronwoodsmainecoons.com
Email: mary@mccats.com
Address: Cameron Park, California
Phone: 530-417-4405

Name: Cali Cats Maine Coons
Website: http://www.calicats.net/
Email: MThorsness@aol.com
Address: Thousand Oaks, California
Phone: 805-3122330

Name: Degoonacoon
Website: www.degoonacoon.com
Email: degoonacoon@earthlink.net
Address: Southern California
Phone: N/A

Name: Enchantacats
Website: www.enchantacats.com/
Email: enchantacats1@sbcglobal.net
Address: Northeast of Sacramento, California
Phone: 530-4321021

Name: Mainesuspect Cattery
Website: http://www.mainecoonkittensforsale.net/
Email: mainesuspect@gmail.com
Address: Los Angeles, California
Phone: 520-4442758

Name: Whatatrill
Website: www.whatatrill.com
Email: montynmom@comcast.net
Address: Northern California
Phone: 707-3381261

Name: Cascade Mountain
Website: www.cascademountain.net
Email: mc@cascademountain.net
Address: San Diego, California
Phone: N/A

Name: Reigning Cats N Dogs In CA
Website: www.reigningcatsndogsinca.com
Email: reigningcatsndogsinca@gmail.com
Address: 1079 Sunrise Ave Ste. B365, Roseville -California, 95661
Phone: 916-242-8849

Name: Bounding Maines
Website: www.boundingmaines.com
Email: Inquiries@BoundingMaines.com
Address: Marin County, California
Phone: N/A

Name: Averills Cattery
Website: www.averillscattery.net
Email: williethemainecoon@comcast.net
Address: Northern California
Phone: 916-7227242

Website: http://www.ttcats.net
Email: ttcats@comcast.net
Address: East-Bay Area, South of Sacramento – California
Facebook: TTcats Cattery Maine Coons
Phone: (510) 677-5935

Name: Windwalker
Website: www.windwalkermainecoons.com
Email: mkbryant@surewest.net
Address: Northern California
Phone: N/A

Name: Telecoons
Website: www.telecoons.com
Email: mary@telecoons.com
Address: North of Sacramento, California
Phone: N/A

Name: Amore Cattery (Connie Cutbirth)
Website: http://www.amorecattery.com/
Email: skyhawk1@ncbb.net
Address: Roseville, Calif
Phone: 916-626-0150

Name: Cherokee West Maine Coons
Address: Oroville, California
Phone: 530-588-1172

Name: MousseeCoons Maine Coon Cattery
Instagram: @moussee_coons
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mousseecoons/
Address: 20283 Santa Maria Ave #2672, Castro Valley, CA 94546, United States
Phone: +1 510-219-5863

Name: Carol S Farm Maine Coons
Email: N/A
Website: https://carol-s-farm.company.com/
Address: 106 N Danhauser St, Alturas, CA 96101
Phone: (580) 725-7562


Name: Rocky Mountain Maine Coons
Website: www.rockymtnmainecoons.com/
Email: wildryno10@yahoo.com
Address: Idaho Springs, Colorado
Phone: N/A

Name: Colorado Maine Coons
Website: www.coloradomainecoons.com
Email: coloradomainecoons@gmail.com
Address: Conifer, Colorado
Phone: 813-3893788

Name: Stordire Maine Coons
Website: www.stordiremainecoons.com
Email: stordire@aol.com
Address: Aurora, Colorado
Phone: 757-2327656

Name: Coonplay
Website: www.coonplaymainecoons.com
Email: info@coonplaymainecoons.com
Address: Colorado
Phone: N/A

Name: TruTails
Website: www.trutails.com/
Email: Dennis@TruTails.com
Address: Rocky Mountains, Colorado
Phone: N/A

Name: Spirit Hill
Website: www.spirithillcats.com
Email: patty@spirithillcats.com
Address: Colorado
Phone: N/A

Name: Maine Characters
Website: https://www.mainecharacters.com
Email: MaineCharactersMC@gmail.com
Address: Grand Junction, Colorado
Phone: 970-270-7029 – Text preferred


Website: www.dracoonfly.com
Email: dracoonfly@comcast.net
Address: Ledyard, Connecticut
Phone: N/A

Name: Amerikoons
Website: www.amerikooncats.com/
Email: amerikoons@yahoo.com
Address: Lebanon, Connecticut
Phone: 860-9087472

Name: Marikoons
Website: www.marikoons.com
Email: marikoons@comcast.net
Address: Mystic, Connecticut
Phone: (860) 572-7343

Name: Tribal Cats
Website: www.tribalcats.tripod.com
Email: stanandval@sbcglobal.net
Address: Cromwell, Connecticut
Phone: N/A

Name: Coonificent
Website: www.Coonificent.com
Email: coonificent@cox.net
Address: Central Connecticut
Phone: N/A


Name: Blue Blaze
Website: www.blueblaze.com/
Email: blueblaze@blueblaze.com
Address: Odessa, Delaware
Phone: N/A


Name:Icoons Maine Coons
Website: http://www.icoonscats.com/
Email: lisa@icoonscats.com
Address: Youngstown, Florida
Phone: 850-7227972

Name: Valley View
Website: www.valleyviewmainecoons.com
Email: N/A
Address: Punta Gorda, Florida
Phone: 603-209-0211

Website: www.alicoons.com
Email: alisa@alicoons.com
Address: St. Augustine, Florida
Phone: N/A

Name: Beachcoons
Website: www.beachcoons.com/
Email: beachcoons@bellsouth.net
Address: South Florida
Phone: N/A

Name: Conky Cats
Website: www.conkycats.com
Email: buckynpam@earthlink.net
Address: Ft. Meyers beach, Florida
Phone: 239-7654920

Name: Coon Pals
Website: www.coonpals.com
Email: coonpals@gmail.com
Address: Tampa Bay, Florida
Phone: 813-8573335

Name: Ma Melody’s Maine-Coons of Central-Florida
Website: www.mamelodysmainecoonsofcentralfl.com
Email: melody.gast@icloud.com
Address: Central Florida
Phone: 386-8019566

Name: Irish Coons
Website: www.irishcoons.com
Email: cattales@tampabay.rr.com
Address: Tampa Bay, Florida
Phone: N/A

Name: Karmacoons
Website: www.karmacoons.com
Email: debi@karmacoons.com
Address: Chuluota, FL 32766
Phone: 407- 5423134

Name: Lucky Paws
Website: www.luckypawsmc.com
Email: Luckypaws@juno.com
Address: Southwest of Jacksonville, Florida
Phone: 904-2828190

Name: Mann Coons Cattery
Website: www.manncoons.com
Email: N/A
Address: Ormond Beach / Daytona Beach – Florida
Phone: 386-7173345

Name: Mysticoon Cattery
Website: www.mysticoon.com
Email: N/A
Address: Lake City, Florida 32025
Phone: 386-3653900

Name: Pats Angels
Website: www.patsangels.com
Email: pjohnson_001@msn.com
Address: Seminole, Florida
Phone: N/A

Name: Regal Coons
Website: www.regalcoons.com
Email: gracereger@cfl.rr.com
Address: Rockledge, Florida
Phone: 321-6393914

Name: River Cats Maine Coons
Website: www.rivercatsmainecoons.com
Email: RiverCatsMaineCoons@yahoo.com
Address: 330 Eagle Creek Rd.Green Cove Springs, FL, 32043
Phone: 904-5028273

Name: Sassy Koonz
Website: www.sassykoonz.com
Email: info@sassykoonz.com
Address: Jacksonville Beach, FL
Phone: 904-203-8186

Name: Royal Lions
Website: http://www.royallions.net/
Email: royallions@comcast.net
Address: North Florida
Phone: 850-4439765

Name:Justa Katz
Email: justakatz2012@gmail.com
Address: Daytona Beach, Florida
Phone: 386-3168870

Name: Colossal Cats
Website: www.colossalcats.com
Email: info@colossalcats.com
Address: 4108 Gunn Highway | Tampa FL 33618
Phone: N/A

Name: Tropikooons
Website: www.tropikoons.com
Email: tropikoons@mac.com
Address: Florida
Phone: N/A

Name: We Be Coons
Website: www.mainecoon.co
Email: N/A
Address: Sanibel Island, Florida
Phone: 239-472-1030

Name: Bounty Maine Coons
Website: www.bountymainecoons.com
Email: BountyMaineCoons@Gmail.com
Address: North of Tampa, Florida
Phone: 845-778-4124

Name: Miracle Myst
Website: www.miraclemyst.com/
Email: catdancing@live.com
Address: Central Florida
Phone: 954-444-2779

Name: Florida Maine Coons
Address:Dunnellon, Florida
Phone: 352-804-7893

Name: Atty Kats Maine Coon Cattery (Angelina M. Whittington, Esq. (Owner aka Crazy Cat Lady))
Website: http://www.attykats.com
Email: kittens@attykats.com
Address: Little Road, Valrico, FL (Tampa Bay)
Phone: (813) 815-4889 (813) 81K i t t y

Name: Reigning Cats
Website: www.reigningcats.com
Email: ReigningCats@gmail.com
Address: West Coast, Florida
Phone: N/A


Name: Big Meow Maine Coons
Website: www.bigmeow.net
Email: bigmeow@bellsouth.net
Address: Conyers, Georgia
Phone: 770-285-4879

Name: Classy Coons
Website: www.classycoons.com
Email: terry@classycoons.com
Address: Northeast of Atlanta, Georgia
Phone: 706-4913155

Name:Bear Gap Coons
Email: mark@beargapcoons.com
Address: Northeastern Atlanta
Phone: 706-9495262

Name: Coro Coons
Website: www.corocoons.com/
Email: coliveri@charter.net
Address:Covington, Georgia
Phone: 470-5091194

Name: Nandi Maine Coons
Website: www.nandimainecoons.com
Email: maryerau@bellsouth.net
Address: Atlanta Area, Georgia

Name: ku*mskaka
Website: www.ku*mskaka.com/
Email: ku*mskaka@hotmail.com
Address: Thomson, Georgia
Phone: N/A

Name: Samberkat
Website: www.samberkat.com
Email: kats4me@bellsouth.net
Address: Metro Atlanta, Georgia
Phone: 404-4087568

Name: Walmet
Website: www.walmetmainecoon.com
Email: walmet@catlover.com
Address: Atlanta, Georgia
Phone: 770-394-9649

Name: Mainevu
Website: www.mainevu.com
Email: mainevu@aol.com
Address: Cartersville, Georgia 30121
Phone: 678-7198587

Name: Br’er Coon
Website: www.brercoon.com
Email: mainecoons@brercoon.com
Address: Atlanta, Georgia
Phone: 706-342-9070

Name: Son Shine Coons
Website: www.sonshinecoons.com
Email: SonShineCoons@yahoo.com
Address: Eatonton, Georgia
Phone: 770-3770960

Name: Mainely Manor
Website: www.mainelymanor.com
Email: aliemuck@aol.com
Address: Loganville, Georgia
Phone: 770-466-4361

Name: Wild Wood Coon
Website: www.wildwoodcoon.com
Email: wildwoodcoon@gmail.com
Address: Villa Rica, Georgia
Phone: N/A

Name: Windtara Maine Coons
Website: www.windtaramainecoons.com
Email: vpmcoons@aol.com
Address: 246 Meadowoods Dr, Morganton, GA 30560, USA
Phone: 352-5982152

Name: MaineCoonPride cattery
Website: https://mainecoonpride.com
Email: Natalia@mainecoonpride.com
Address: Atlanta, GA
Phone: 404-542-1113


Name: Kokuakats
Website: www.kokuakats.com/
Email: N/A
Address: Maui, Hawaii
Phone: 808-5723590

Name: Maui Maine-Coon / Purr Joy
Website: www.mauimainecoon.com
Email: purrjoy@hawaii.rr.com
Address: Maui, Hawaii
Phone: 808-5726339

Name: Kilauea Coons
Website: www.trifox3.wordpress.com
Email: KilaueaKoons808.gmail.com
Address: Kilauea, Hawaii
Phone: 808-9677253




Name: Los Angeles Purr-Department
Website: www.lapurrd.net
Email: emmonsbrownLAPD@gmail.com
Address: Illinois
Phone: 310-9512924

Name: Chemicoons
Website: www.chemicoons.com
Email: chemicoons@gmail.com
Address: Chicago, Illinois
Phone: N/A

Name: Buc Tales
Website: www.buctales.com
Email: buctale13@aol.com
Address: Illinois-Wisconsin Border
Phone: 815-3891330

Name: Ray du Soleil
Website: www.raydusoleil.com
Email: raydusoleil@gmail.com
Address: Chicago, Illinois
Phone: N/A

Name: Verismo Cat
Website: www.verismocat.com
Email: feedback@verismocat.com
Address: Champaign, Illinois
Phone: N/A

Name: The Yankee Cat
Website: www.theyankeecat.us
Email: ypc4me@yahoo.com
Address: Chicago, Illinois
Phone: 708-7857127

Name: Wild Onion Maine Coons
Website: www.wildonionmainecoons.com
Email: nanetteallen54@gmail.com
Address: Chicago, Illinois
Phone: 847-682-4977

Name: Coon Shadow Maine Coons
Website: www.coonshadowmainecoons.com
Email: coonshadowmainecoons@hotmail.com
Address: Lawrenceville, Illinois
Phone: ( 812 ) -887-5243

Name: B Street Cattery
Website: www.bstreetcattery.com
Email: cats@bstreetcattery.com
Address: Washington, Illinois
Phone: N/A

Name: Molly Maines
Website: www.mollymaines.com
Email: N/A
Address: Central Illinois
Phone: N/A


Name: Koon Tyme
Website: www.koontyme.com
Email: mainecoons.koontyme@yahoo.com
Address: Southwest of Indiannapolis, Indiana
Phone: 765-318-3437

Name: Maine Coon Connection
Website: www.mainecoonconnection.com
Email: N/A
Address: Ft Wayne, Indiana 46706
Phone: N/A

Name: Lincolnshire Maine Coons
Website: https://www.lincolnshiremainecoons.com/
Email: marlakkelsey@gmail.com
Address: Huntington, Indiana 46750
Phone: +1 260-519-3302

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Farm/Lincolnshire-Maine-Coons-Lord-Lady-of-Lincolnshire-723248681045846/


Name: Psycatics
Website: www.psycaticsmainecoons.com
Email: catfish833@aol.com
Address: Iowa
Phone: N/A

Name: Wild Pride Cattery
Website: www.wildpridecatteryiowa.webstarts.com
Email: wildpride@yahoo.com
Address: Iowa
Phone: N/A

Name: One Cat Maine Coon
Website: www.onecatmainecoon.com
Email: onecatmainecoon@yahoo.com
Address: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Phone: (319) 350-8151

Name: Stormy Towm
Website: www.stormytown.com
Email: Storm Lake, Iowa
Address: steve@stormytown.com
Phone: 712-7324981


Name: Lap Cats Cattery
Website: www.lapcatscattery.com
Email: Cathy@LapCatsCattery.com
Address: Near Topeka, Kansas
Phone: 785-2566861 or 785-2566989

Name: EuroCoons
Website: www.eurocoonsmainecooncattery.com
Email: kittens@eurocoonsmainecooncattery.com
Address: Olathe, Kansas
Phone: 913-5630043


Name: Furkats
Website: www.furkats.net
Email: furkats@yahoo.com
Address: Kentucky
Phone: 859-2820836

Name: Kelly’s Kitten’s
Website: www.kellyskittens.com
Email: Kelly@KellyBands.com
Address: Lexington, Kentucky
Phone: 859-8818333

Name: Koontucky
Website: www.koontucky.com/
Email: grannie@koontucky.com
Address: Louisville, Kentucky
Phone: N/A


Name: Fluffy Giants Cattery
Website: www.fluffygiantscattery.com
Email: FluffyGiantsCattery@gmail.com
Address: Bosier City, Louisiana
Phone: 318-5053775


Name: Cold Stream Cattery
Website: www.coldstreamcattery.com
Email: coldstreamcattery@midmaine.com
Address: Enfield, Maine
Phone: 207-735-5123

Name: Thunderpaws
Website: www.thunderpawsat.blogspot.com
Email: siberiafarm5@fairpoint.net
Address: Stacyville, Maine
Phone: N/A

Name: Dirigo
Website: www.maine-cooncat.com
Email: dirigo3@earthlink.net
Address: Windham, Maine
Phone: 207-8930499

Name: Four Paws
Website: www.fourpawsmaincoons.net
Email: N/A
Address: Oxford, Maine
Phone: 207-5394205

Name: Tac n Tac
Website: www.tac-n-tac.com
Email: tacntac@comcast.net
Address: West Bath, Maine
Phone: N/A

Name: Le Beau Minu
Website: www.lebeauminu.com
Email: lebeauminu.1971@yahoo.com
Address: Maine
Phone: N/A

Name: Sebago Mist
Website: www.sites.google.com/site/sebagomistmainecoons/
Email: Sebagomist@yahoo.com
Address: Maine
Phone: 207-6501388

Name: Pinecoons Maine Coon Cats
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Local-Business/Pinecoons-Maine-Coon-Cats-283151778372148/
Email: suej-59@hotmail.com
Address: Roosevelt Trail (8,058.02 mi), Naples, Maine 04055
Phone: +1 207-332-2963


Name: Aslans Paw
Website: www.aslanspaw.net
Email: Aslanspaw@comcast.net
Address: Hampstead, Maryland
Phone: 443-841-4484

Name: Moose Coons
Website: www.moosecoonsmc.com
Email: moosecoons@gmail.com
Address: Westminster, Maryland
Phone: N/A

Name: RP Cathouse
Website: www.rpcathousemainecoons.com
Email: rpcathouse@aol.com
Address: Edgewater, Maryland
Phone: N/A


Name: Barn Cat Classic
Website: www.classicmainecoons.com
Email: barncatcoons@comcast.net
Address: Rehoboth, Massachusetts
Phone: N/A

Name: Oldestage Cattery
Website: http://oldestagemainecoons.tripod.com/
Email: oldestage@aol.com
Address: West Hatfield, Massachusetts
Phone: 413-247-5359

Name: Cody Cats
Website: www.codycats.net
Email: codycats@verizon.net
Address: Marshfield Hills, Massachusetts
Phone: 781-8346567

Name: Koontahdin
Website: www.koontahdin.com
Email: maryamccaw@gmail.com
Address: Beverly, Massachusetts
Phone: 978-7780458.

Name: GG Legacy
Website: www.gglegacy.com
Email: catteryinfo@gglegacy.com
Address: Southbridge, Massachusetts
Phone: 508-7695038

Name: Uncle Buck’s Kitty Korner
Website: www.unclbuckskittykorner.com
Email: N/A
Address: 250 Neponset st, Canton, MA 02021
Phone: 781-5622028


Name: Maine Gate Cattery
Website: www.mainegatecattery.com
Email: mainegatecattery@gmail.com
Address: Southwest Michigan
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MaineGateCattery/

Name: Kinney Coons
Website: www.kinneycoons.com
Email: Kinneycoonsmc@yahoo.com
Address: Memphis, Michigan
Phone: 810-305-1029

Name: Artcity Claws
Website: www.artcityclaws.com
Email: artcityclaws@yahoo.com
Address: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Phone: 616-4533487

Name: Celebrity Maine Coons
Website: www.celebritymainecoonsandpersians.yolasite.com
Email: celebritymainecoonsnpersians@gmail.com
Address: Eaton Rapids, Michigan
Phone: 517-441-6044

Name: Wildchild
Website: www.wildchildmc.com
Email: N/A
Address: Quincy, Massachusetts
Phone: 269-986-3369

Name: Exotic Purr
Website: www.exoticpurr.com
Email: donna@exoticpurr.com
Address: 9026 North Territorial
Plymouth, Michigan 48170
Phone: 734-7484370

Name: Koontucky Maine Coons
Website: http://www.koontucky.com
Email: grannie@koontucky.com
Address: Michigan
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KoontuckyMaineCoons/

Name: Fancy Lynx Maine Coons
Website: www.fancylynx.com/
Email: fancylynxcoon@gmail.com
Address: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Phone: N/A


Name: Kats Kits
Website: www.katskits.com
Email: katskitscattery@aol.com
Address: 18785 Euclid Path – Farmington, MN
Phone: 651-4634780

Name: Mora TopLine
Website: www.toplinemainecoons.com
Email: toplinemainecoons@gmail.com
Address: Mora, Minnesota
Phone: N/A

Name: Maine Coons of Minnesota
Website: www.mainecoonsofminnesota.com
Email: guster2@earthlink.net
Address: Glencoe, Minnesota
Phone: 320-8645293 or

Name: Yeti Coons
Website: www.yeticoons.com
Email: yeticoons@yahoo.com
Address: Northern Minnesota
Phone: 218-7663416

Name: Wicacoon Cattery
Website: www.wicacoon.com
Email: speedy1249@msn.com
Address: Prior Lake, Michigan
Phone: 952-486-7742




Name: Mojo Maines
Website: www.mojomaines.com
Email: marian@mojomaines.com
Address: Joplin, Missouri
Phone: 417-6270029

Name: Acadia Coons
Website: www.acadiacoons.com
Email: acadiacoons@aol.com
Address: St. Louis, Missouri
Phone: N/A

Name: Vasilis Maine Coon Cats
Website: www.vasilismainecooncats.com/index.html
Email: kittens@vasilismainecooncats.com
Address: Raymore, Missouri
Phone: 816-3183878

Name: Coon Country
Website: www.sites.google.com/site/cooncountrymainecoon
Email: cooncountrymo@yahoo.com
Address: Springfield, Missouri
Phone: N/A

Name: Tufts n Ruff
Website: www.tuftsnruffmainecoons.com
Email: LJFleshman@aol.com
Address: St. Joseph, Missouri
Phone: 816-2792829

Name: Katsamust
Website: www.angelfire.com/mo/Katsamust
Email: katsamust@angelfire.com
Address: Missouri
Phone: N/A


Name: Mountain Maine Coons
Website: https://mtmainecoons.com
Email: mtmainecoons@gmail.com
Address: Hamilton, MT 59840, US
Phone: (406) 240-7999


Name: Riversyde Cattery
Website: www.riversydecattery.com
Email: riversydefarms@msn.com
Address: Valley, Nebraska
Phone: N/A

Name: Nebraskcoons
Website: www.nebraskcoons.com
Email: N/A
Address: Northeast Nebraska
Phone: N/A

Name: Rebel Paws Cattery
Website: www.rebelpawscattery.com
Email: rebelpawscattery@gmail.com
Address: Waterloo, Nebraska
Phone: 402-3019921



New Hampshire

Name: At Last Cats
Website: www.atlastcats.com
Email: atlastcats@gmail.com
Address: Southern New Hampshire
Phone: 603-5882403

Name: Cameowcoons
Website: www.kgagno0.wixsite.com/cameowcoons
Email: cameowcoons@metrocast.net
Address: Rockingham County, New Hampshire
Phone: 603-490-4547

Name: Kelimcoons
Website: www.kelimcoons.com
Email: kelim@twc.com
Address: New Durham, New Hampshire
Phone: N/A

Name: Maggie Lane Cats
Website: www.maggielanecats.com
Email: maggielanecats@yahoo.com
Address: New Durham, New Hampshire
Phone: 603-8594738

Name: Peconic Maine Coons
Website: www.peconicmainecoons.com
Email: peconic.mainecoons@valley.net
Address: Lyme, New Hampshire
Phone: N/A

Name: Moxie Cat Cattery
Website: www.moxiecatcattery.com
Email: moxiecatcattery@comcast.net
Address: New Hampshire
Phone: 603-6424246

Name: Pawstuctaway
Website: www.pawstuctaway.com
Email: pawstuct@aol.com
Address: Deerfield, New Hampshire
Phone: 603-4637542

Name: Maine Coon Cats of Monroe
Website: www.mainecooncatsofmonroe.weebly.com
Email: mariahadam77@yahoo.com
Address: Monroe, New Hampshire
Phone: 603-6388007

New Jersey

Name: The Brewery
Website: www.thebrewerymainecoons.com
Email: e.blanc@att.net
Address: Central New Jersey
Phone: N/A

Name: Classic Cool Cattery
Website: www.classiccoolcattery.com
Email: adm192007@yahoo.com
Address: Woodbury, New Jersey
Phone: N/A

Name: Coon Alley
Website: www.coonalley.com/
Email: info@coonalley.com
Address: Malaga, New Jersey
Phone: 856-694-2659

Name: Claddaghcoon
Website: www.claddaghcoon.com
Email: claddaghcoon@msn.com
Address: Northern New Jersey
Phone: N/A

New Mexico


New York

Name: Dragginslair
Website: www.dragginslair.com
Email: dragginslair@dragginslair.com
Address: Endicott, New York
Phone: N/A

Name: Big Coonies Cattery
Website: www.bigcooniescattery.com
Email: N/A
Address: Marilla, New York
Phone: 716-8570348

Name: Graro Maine Coon Cattery
Website: www.graro.com
Email: graromckittensquestionnaire@gmail.com
Address: West Islip, New York
Phone: N/A

Name: Mainly Silver
Website: www.mainlysilver.com
Email: bbpilar@mainlysilver.com
Address: New York City, New York
Phone: 917-4141111

Name: Coonomagic
Website: www.coonomagic.com
Email: coonomagic@yahoo.com
Address: New York City, New York
Phone: 516 578-7828

Name: Kitty Up
Website: www.kittyup.net
Email: mweiss04@optonline.net
Address: Eastern Long Island, New York
Phone: 631-7722520

Name: Shubacoons
Website: www.Shubacoons.com
Email: Shubacoons@gmail.com
Address: Binghamton, New York
Phone: 607-7722400

Name: Sweet Lil Paws Cattery
Website: www.sweetlilpawscattery.com
Email: N/A
Address: Stafford, New York
Phone: 585-2080874

Name: Kern Coon
Website: www.kerncoon.com
Email: kerncoon@kerncoon.com
Address: Westchester County, New York
Phone: N/A

Name: M-Pawz
Website: www.m-pawz-mainecoons.com
Email: mpawz1@gmail.com
Address: Syracuse, New York
Phone: 315-446-5215

North Carolina

Name: High Silver Maine Coons
Website: www.highsilvermainecoons.com/index.html
Email: highsilver_mainecoons@yahoo.com
Address: Winston – Salem, North Carolina
Phone: 760-5938211

Name: Tar Heel Paws
Website: www.tarheelpaws.com
Email: N/A
Address: Asheville, North Carolina
Phone: 828-8942876 or 828-8990197 or 828-8179434

Name: Kissy Coons
Website: www.kissycoons.com
Email: heatherjonescps@aol.com
Address: Fayetteville, North Carolina
Phone: N/A

Name: Broadsway Cats
Website: www.broadswaycats.com
Email: broadswaycats@gmail.com or jennifer@broadswaycats.com
Address: Washington, North Carolina
Phone: 252-7020369 or 252-7020127

Name: Panther Hill
Website: www.PantherHill.com
Email: info@pantherhill.com
Address: Panther Mountain, North Carolina
Phone: 828-787-1955

Name: Mega Coon
Website: www.megacoon.com
Email: johnnie@megacoon.com
Address: 610 Minow Johnson Road, Sanford, NC 27330
Phone: 919-2105409

Name: Semper Pawz
Website: www.semperpawz.com
Email: semperpawz@yahoo.com
Address: Havelock, North Carolina
Phone: 252-6654902

Name: Carolina Meows
Website: www.carolinameows.net
Email: patdapfc@yahoo.com
Address: North of Raleigh, North Carolina
Phone: 252-432-0169

Name: Cuzzoe Cattery
Website: www.cuzzoe.us
Email: cuzzoecattery@gmail.com
Address: Rural North Carolina
Phone: N/A

Name: Mainely Classic
Website: www.mainelyclassic.com
Email: mainelyclassic@sbcglobal.net
Address: North Carolina
Phone: N/A

North Dakota



Name: Reigning Maine Coons
Website: www.reigningmainecoons.com
Address: Athens, Ohio
Phone: 740-4071312

Name: Muse Coons
Website: www.musecoons.com
Email: murphyrnjd@aol.com
Address: Worthington, Ohio
Phone: 614-746-7743

Name: Highlander Maine Coons
Website: www.highlandermainecoon.com
Email: tsignore@att.net
Address: Columbus, Ohio
Phone: 614-2663502

Name: Maine Lvrs Cattery
Website: www.mainelvrs.com
Email: mainektn@yahoo.com
Address: Mentor, Ohio
Phone: 440-2571966

Name: Bekkra Mee
Website: www.bekkrameemainecoons.com
Email: bekkrameemainecoons@gmail.com
Address: Ohio
Phone: 419-3082656

Name: Angtini
Website: www.angtini.com/
Email: N/A
Address: Concord, Ohio
Phone: 440-2235316

Name: The Cat Hut
Website: www.thecathut.com
Email: GLWBerry@aol.com
Address: 1015 Terracewood,Englewood, Ohio 45322
Phone: 937-8368752

Name: Waggs Coons
Website: www.waggscoons.com
Email: davidwaggs@gmail.com
Address: Portage Lakes, Ohio
Phone: 330-7601840

Name: Rickoon Cattery
Website: www.rickoons.com
Email: dsjruff@sbcglobal.net
Address: Cleveland, Ohio
Phone: 440-2638989

Name: JR Coons
Website: www.jrmainecoons.com
Email: bigcats@jrmainecoons.com
Address: Ohio
Phone: 440-452-4884

Name: Willabelle
Website: www.willabelle.com
Email: willabellecattery@yahoo.com or MILLER5674@ROADRUNNER.COM
Address: Ohio
Phone: 330-401-7270

Name: Envey Meow
Website: www.enveymeow.com
Email: enveymeow@toast.net
Address: Toledo, Ohio
Phone: 419-4725551

Name: Maine Villa
Website: www.mainevilla.com
Email: MaineVillaChris@aol.com
Address: Wadsworth, Ohio
Phone: 330-6205861


Name: Mountain Fork
Website: www.mountainforkmainecoons.com
Email: nursekelly70@yahoo.com
Address: Broken Bow, Oklahoma
Phone: 580-3063571

Name: Tufts n Trills
Website: www.tuftsntrills.com
Email: N/A
Address: Oklahoma
Phone: N/A

Name: Lucky Stars
Website: www.myluckystarcattery.com
Email: myluckystarsmainecoons@gmail.com
Address: Moore, Oklahoma
Phone: 405 794-9914


Name: Havah
Website: www.havahcoons.com
Email: lisa@havahcoons.com
Address: Willamette Valley, Oregon
Phone: N/A

Name: Oregon Maine Coon
Website: www.oregonmainecoon.com
Address: 20710 S Hummingbird Ln, Estacada OR 97023-9656
Phone: N/A

Name: Maine Cave Cattery
Website: www.mainecavecattery.com
Email: maincavecattery@gmail.com
Address: Bend, Oregon
Phone: N/A

Name: Mishikoonz
Website: www.mishikoonz.com
Email: kitteninfo@Mishikoonz.com
Address: Oregon
Phone: 817-3680839

Name: My Mains
Website: www.mymains.showcats.net
Email: mymains@eoni.com
Address: P.O. Box 1294
Hermiston, OR 97838
Phone: 541-5675084


Website: www.cumbrescoons.com
Email: mainecoons08@cumbrescoons.com
Address: Pennsylvania
Phone: N/A

Name: DCFD
Website: www.dcfdmainecoons.com
Email: dcfdmainecoons@yahoo.com
Address: Denver, Pennsylvania
Phone: 717-2783167

Name: Bellacoons
Website: www.southeastpennsylvaniamainecoons.com
Email: christinamary@verizon.net
Address: Pennsylvania
Phone: 267-2052266

Name: Catgo Cattery
Website: www.catgo.net
Email: catgocoons@comcast.net
Address: Western Pennsylvania
Phone: 412-734-9419412-7349419

Name: Maine Coon Usa
Website: www.mainecoonusa.com
Email: mylancoon@verizon.net
Address: Palmyra, Pennsylvania
Phone: 717-3048847

Name: Cold Creek Maine Coons
Website: www.coldcreekmainecoons.com
Email: coldcreekmainecoons@gmail.com
Address: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Phone: N/A

Name: Mc Kitty Creek
Website: www.mckittycreek.com
Email: suestorten@msn.com
Address: Erie. PA 16506
Phone: 814-5206237

Name: Sun O’er Sea Cattery
Website: www.sunoerseacattery.com
Email: sunoerseacattery@gmail.com
Address: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Name: Mary Lambs
Website: www.marylambs.com
Email: falcon1@ptd.net
Address: PO BOX 663 Kresgeville, PA 18333
Phone: 610-6816664

Name: Kennebec Cattery
Website: www.kennebeccattery.com
Email: kathyrobins@gmail.com
Address: Western Pennsylvania
Phone: N/A

Name: Gatticoon Adventure Cats
Website: https://www.gatticoon.com
Email: clasprogata@gatticoon.com
Address: Ardmore, PA 19003
Phone: 610-909-1757

Rhode Island

Name: Pride N Joy Maine Coons
Website: www.pridenjoymainecoons.weebly.com
Email: pridenjoymainecoons@yahoo.com
Address: West Warwick, Rhode Island
Phone: 401-6150541

South Carolina

Name: Caesar Head Coon
Website: www.caesarheadcoon.com
Email: Caesarheadcoon@hotmail.com
Address: Greenville, South Carolina
Phone: N/A

Name: Hissy Fit Coons
Website: www.hissyfitcoons.weebly.com
Email: N/A
Address: Travelers Rest, South Carolina
Phone: N/A

Name: Lake View Coons
Website: http://www.lakeviewcoons.com
Email: info@lakeviewcoons.com
Address: Lake Robinson, Greenville, SC
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LakeViewCoons/

South Dakota



Name: Cumber Coon
Website: www.cumbercoon.com
Email: cumbercoon@bellsouth.net
Address: Pleasant View, Tennessee
Phone: 615-7466811

Name: The Lion’s Whelp
Website: www.thelionswhelp.com
Email: thelionswhelpmainecoon@gmail.com
Address: Nashville, Tennessee
Phone: 615-209-0307

Name: Tanstaafl and Calicoon
Website: www.calitanmc.com
Email: lynnesherer@gmail.com
Address: Memphis, Tennessee
Phone: 901-8272268

Name: XXL Maine Coons
Website: http://www.xxlmainecoons.com
Email: N/A
Address: Knoxville, Tennessee
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xxlmainecoons/


Name: JCatlyn
Website: www.jcatlynmainecoons.com
Email: jcatlyn1@att.net
Address: Fort Worth, Texas
Phone: N/A

Name: Texcoons
Website: www.texcoons.com
Email: texcoons@yahoo.com
Address: Lubbock, Texas
Phone: 806-317-0225

Name: Maine Flashes
Website: www.mainecoonsfromgretta.net
Email: toomejack@sbcglobal.net
Address: Alvarado, Texas
Phone: 817-2962299

Name: Pip and Paws
Website: www.pipandpaws.com
Email: pipandpaws@gmail.com
Address: Comfort, TX
Phone: 830-9954091

Name: Loving Lynx Maine Coons
Website: https://www.lovinglynx.com
Email: N/A
Address: Knoxville, TX
Contact: https://www.facebook.com/LovingLynxMaineCoons/

Name: BigTexCoons
Website: www.BigTexCoons.com
Email: bigtexcoons@aol.com
Address: Waco, Texas
Phone: 254-275-1006




Name: Browns River
Website: www.together.net/~langfarm/
Email: langfarm@together.net
Address: Essex, Vermont
Phone: 802-8797977

Name: The Zen Lion
Website: https://www.thezenlion.com/
Email: thezenlion77@gmail.com
Address: Montpelier, Virginia
Contact: https://www.thezenlion.com/contact


Name: Dream Coon Cattery
Website: www.dreamcoon.com
Email: dreamcoon@yandex.com
Address: 3000 Bensley Rd, Richmond, VA 23237
Phone: 860-8801653

Name: Sara Jen
Website: www.sarajencats.com
Email: sarajencats@gmail.com
Address: Arlington, Virginia
Phone: 703-5173002

Name: Makanacoon
Website: www.makanacoon.com
Email: makanacoon1@gmail.com
Address: 5409 Murdock Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Phone: 757-495 6222


Name: Big River Coon
Website: www.bigrivercoon.com
Email: bigrivercoonmainecoons@gmail.com
Address: Washington
Phone: N/A

Name: Dar Morev
Website: www.darmorevmainecoons.weebly.com
Email: darmorev@cnw.com
Address: Seattle Washington
Phone: 360-8540945

Name: Pinecoon
Website: www.pinecoon.com
Email: betsy@pinecoon.com
Address: Washington
Phone: N/A

Name: Woodpile
Website: www.woodpilemcs.com
Email: WoodpileMCs@aol.com
Address: Yakima, Washington
Phone: N/A

Name: La Rhae
Website: www.larhaecoons.com/
Email: larhae@msn.com
Address: Washington
Phone: N/A

Name: My Bossy Cat
Website: https://mybossycatmainecoon.com/
Email: jami4888@yahoo.com
Address: Yakima, Washington
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyBossyCat/

West Virginia

Name: CDreams
Website: www.cdreamsmainecoons.com
Email: mmarkle@charter.net
Address: West Virginia


Name: Celtic Pride
Website: www.celticpridemainecoons.com
Email: cskipchak2000@yahoo.com
Address: Berlin, Wisconsin
Phone: 920-3611510

Name: Rock Hill
Website: www.rockhillmainecoons.com
Email: mckittens@rockhillmainecoons.com
Address: Prescott, Wisconsin
Phone: 612-5815671

Name: DZ Coonz
Website: www.dzcoonz.com
Email: zeller@charter.net
Address: South Prairie, Wisconsin
Phone: 608-8379332

Name: Rumford Maine Coons
Website: www.rumfordmainecoons.com
Email: rumford56@gmail.com
Address: Brookfield, Wisconsin
Phone: 262-8942928

Name: Velvet Jewels
Website: www.velvetjewels.com
Email: roxann@velvetjewels.com
Address: Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
Phone: 920-8877704


Name: Bosleys Angels
Website: www.bosleysangelsmainecoons.com
Email: Bosleysangelsmainecoons@gmail.com
Address: Powell, Wyowing
Phone: (307)272-0435

Name: Niwot
Website: www.niwotmainecoons.tripod.com
Email: beckygold@earthlink.net
Address: 2109 Rd 84, Lingle, Wyoming 82223
Phone: 720-5608501

Suspect Sites

Name: Big Paw Maine Coons
Website: http://bigpawmainecoons.com
Email: info@bigpawmainecoons.com
Address: Alexandria, Virginia
Phone: (703) 951-6055

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