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174 Maine Coon kittens for sale in Sale

The Maine Coon Cat, also known as Coon Cat, Maine Cat, Maine Shag, American Longhair, American Forest Cat, or Gentle giants, is renowned for its plush coat and sociable personality. Originating in the northeastern United States, this breed boasts a large size, making it one of the heftiest domestic cats. Maine Coons come in a variety of colors, including solid, tabby, and tortoise, with dense, weather-resistant fur to protect them from harsh climates. Besides their striking appearance, they are celebrated for their intelligence and easy-going nature, making them an ideal family pet. These social creatures require physical activity and mental stimulation for optimal health, with a strong hunting instinct that contributes to their playful, agile disposition. Known for their adaptability, Maine Coons thrive in various households.

Read our Maine Coon Buying Advice page for information on this cat breed.

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161 hourBoost2 Purebred Pedigree Mainecoons-TICA parent£600Maine CoonAge: 11 weeks2 male(10weeks) 2 pure white male purebred pedigree Mainecoon - TICA registered parents with papers. Mum is a purebred TICA registered Mainecoon and can be seen (paperwork also available to view) . Dad isWAJAHAT J.ID verifiedBolton(11.4 miles away)231 hourBoost 🐾 XL PEDIGREE MAINE COON KITTENS TICA REG 🐾£1,500Maine CoonAge: 6 weeks4 male / 1 femaleWe are thrilled to announce availability of kittens from our latest stunning litter of health checked, home-bred Maine Coons. Born 12th May 2024. Now available for viewings and reservations. Will be rFluffy Paw WaysID verifiedDerby(48.6 miles away)261 hourBoostPURE BREED MAINECOON KITTENS 🧡 20+ GEN READY NOW£1,600Maine CoonAge: 13 weeks5 male / 4 femaleREADY NOW 🧡 Born on 15th of March ( 13 weeks old ) We're thrilled to introduce our extraordinary litter of Mainecoon kittens! These little wonders will be registered with either TICA, FIFE, or GGCF Little Ball Of Fur - FIFE GGCF TICA ChampionID verifiedSale(0.3 miles away)393 hoursBoostFULL T.I.C.A MAINE COON KITTENS£850Maine CoonAge: 10 weeksUpdated all kittens have now had first inoculation, microchip and veterinary checks all in perfect health, 5 perfect Maine coon kittens, both parents have excellent pedigrees, clear on all blood's, I JamesID verifiedShipley(36.3 miles away)

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344 hoursBoostGCCF Registered Pedigree Maine Coon Kittens £1,500Maine CoonAge: 6 weeks4 male / 2 femaleWe are proud to announce our stunning litter of GCCF registered Maine Coon kittens will soon be ready for their next adventure. We are looking for the best 5 🌟 forever homes for our cheeky little love bugs. Our kittens are a magnificent example of their breed and have the most wonderful temperaments. They are raised in the heart of our busy family home alongside our chiMeraki Northwich(14.5 miles away)1014 hoursBoost💞Maine Coon Kittens - 3 Girls - Disney Litter💞£900Maine CoonAge: 1 week3 male / 3 femalePlease read advert before enquiring! Facebook page - Pawstolove Cat Breeder We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of our beautiful disney litter of Blue Maine Coon Kittens Born "15th June" They will be ready to leave at 13 weeks (mid September) a week after they have completed their full course of vaccinations, microchip and health check. Happy to hold kittens longPawstolove Cat GroomingID verifiedSutton-in-Ashfield(47.7 miles away)1536 hoursBoostPURE BREED MAINECOON KITTENS £700Maine CoonAge: 8 weeks2 male / 3 female!!!CONTACT NUMBERS ONLY GET REPLIES!!! !!!FANTASTIC COLOURS AND MARKINGS!!! !!!NOW READY TO LEAVE!!! !!!ONLY 2 BOYS AND 2 GIRLS AVAILABLE!!! Stunning Russian line babies available from tica registered imported parents. All kittens will be litter,scratch post trained and eating wet and dry food. Kittens are full pedigree but will not be registered or vaccinated hencMassive mainecoons ID verifiedManchester(8.1 miles away)Licensed BreederKC Assured716 hoursBoost❌GCCF Maine Coon Kittens REDUCED 2 TORTIE GIRLS £850Maine CoonAge: 3 months2 female ❌❌READY TO GO❌❌ 🐾🐱TOP QUALITY STUNNING KITTENS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE! ONLY THE BEST FORVER HOME WILL DO🐾🐱 I. DO. NOT. SELL. ACTIVE. KITTENS!!!!!! CURRENTLY AVAILABLE 2 X Tortie Girls🩷 Registered ​NONE active with the GCCF and I'm GCCF prefix cat breeder. Mum and Dad are health tested :- HCM, PKDef and SMA clear. Dolly (mummy) is a much loved family pets. Dad is Taylor CanineID verifiedCrewe(25 miles away)Licensed BreederKC Assured196 hoursBoostAmazing Mainecoon kittens£400Maine CoonAge: 15 weeks1 male Ginger boy is looking for forever home 🏡. Amazing beautiful kittens with amazing personality and very fluffy ready to go now. Both parents are mainecoon but no paperwork. Kittens are flea and worms treated. Non refundable deposit is required. Litter trained and can eat everything. Parents can be seen.KamaID verifiedRuncorn(16.3 miles away)276 hoursBoost3/4 Maine Coon kittens READY TO GO ❤️💙£400Maine CoonAge: 12 weeks1 femaleHi everyone. We have the last little kitten left ready to find her new home. She is the dark tabby one in the pictures. She is very loving and energetic. She loves raw turkey mince and Royal Canin dry food. Also, she eats the wet kind too. Mother and father are in the pictures. Dad is full maine Coon who is non active registered GCCF. Mother is half Maine Coon, half Kaho MASHLEY K.ID verifiedNormanton(42.1 miles away)2247 hoursBoostActive Maine coon kittens£1,600Maine CoonAge: 12 weeks3 male / 2 femaleMaine coon alliance pride ( Follow me ) Active TICA registered purebred kittens Available. kittens were Born on the 30th March and will be ready to leave on the 23rd june 2024 5 ⭐️ homes only Silver -Silver boy £2000 /£2500 Active (available) 😻Pink -silver Girl £2000 * £2500 Active (SOLD) Red- black silver girl £2000 /£2500 Active (SOLD )😻 Purple Black/Brown boyAlliance prideID verifiedBrighouse(29.2 miles away)3047 hoursBoostREADY NOW maine coon kittens£1,600Maine CoonAge: 15 weeks4 male / 1 femaleMaine coon alliance pride ( Follow me ) Active TICA registered purebred kittens Available and ready to leave now kittens were Born on the 8th March and will be ready to leave on the 23rd june 2024 5 ⭐️ homes only Black Silver boy £2000 /£2500 Active ( available) 😻Pink -silver Girl £2000 * £2500 Active (available) black silver boy £1800 -£2500 Active (available) Alliance prideID verifiedBrighouse(29.2 miles away)2558 hoursBoostXL Russian Cubs 💚£1,850Maine CoonAge: 5 weeks2 male / 3 femaleHello all! I am very proud to announce my Queen Aria’s litter of 5 very beautiful kittens. I’m so very excited to be able to announce this! 🏠 5⭐️ Homes only please If you are looking for excellent quality kittens, you have come to the right place. If you have not owned a Maine coon before I definitely recommend researching about the breed first before buying a kitten aLion Pride UKID verifiedBradford(32 miles away)148 hoursBoostXLarge maine coon kittens. Health tested parents£795Maine CoonAge: 9 weeks2 male / 2 female 🌟🌟🌟 READY TO LEAVE NOW 🌟🌟🌟 Both parents have been rigorously health tested, and have lovely cuddly personality. Both have been DNA tested and are clear of genetic diseases (HCM, SMA, PK- Def Clear). Please be aware that cats that have not been genetically tested may carry fatal diseases. Mum and dad are large cats with dad Weighing 12kg. Registered with TICA witCHARLES B.ID verifiedKeighley(35.2 miles away)1818 hoursBoostStunning Huge GCCF Registered Mainecoons£1,600Maine CoonAge: 6 weeks2 maleHi all, welcome to my advert. Here at Cosmicmains we have 2 Absolutely Stunning GCCF Registered Male Mainecoon kittens, looking for loving 5* forever homes. Known to us as at the moment as- 💙 Mr Galactic- This boy is an absolutely stunning Black smoke. He has really strong facial features, large ears and a strong muzzle. He is very loving and playful. £1600 💙 Mr GraMainecoonsRbestSheffield(34.7 miles away)158 hoursBoostBeautiful Maine-coon kittens £800Maine CoonAge: 10 weeks4 male / 1 female** Update 20th june** We have Had 6 beautiful kittens 2 STILL AVAILABLE "Both parents a our own family pets and are GCCF registered with many champions in ther line ,BLACK WITH SILVER MAINS LIKE THER MOTHER AND CHUNKY LIKE THER DAD KITTEN'S were born on 10th April and will be ready to leave 10th june onwards. Contact for more details and regular updates these cats are Majestic Maine-coon Bradford(32 miles away)248 hoursBoost🐾 TICA REG PEDIGREE MAINE COON KITTENS 🐾£950Maine CoonAge: 4 months🌟 KITTENS ARE READY TO GO TO THEIR NEW FOREVER HOMES 🌟 AVAILABLE KITTENS: 🩷 (AVAILABLE) Girl - Black Silver Ticked Tabby ❤️ (AVAILABLE) Girl - ( Calico ) Black Torbie With White 💛 (AVAILABLE) Girl - Brown Ticked Tabby 🩵 (SOLD) Boy - Black Silver Classic Tabby ✨✨✨ KITTENS PARENTS Mother: Their mum Ofelia is importFluffy Paw WaysID verifiedDerby(48.6 miles away)388 hoursBoost2 Male Maine Coon Mix kittens£200Maine CoonAge: 9 weeks2 maleWe have two handsome tom kittens looking for their forever homes pictured in orange and green collars. These two gorgeous fellows are a mix of 50% Maine Coon pedigree and 50% British Shorthair, but currently are on the larger side. All kittens will have been vet checked and had worm treatment in line with Vet recommendations. All kittens will also have their first vacDALMAE L.ID verifiedNewport(45 miles away)1548 hoursBoost READY TOMORROW ☺️ Stunning Maine coon kittens£650Maine CoonAge: 7 weeks4 male / 4 femaleALL UPDATED PHOTOS 23RD JUNE, LAST 2 VIDEOS ALSO FROM 23RD JUNE! 7 STILL AVAILABLE! CREAM SILVER BOY, BLUE SMOKE GIRL (BROWN COLLAR) AND BLUE GIRL (GREEN COLLAR) READY TO LEAVE 25TH JUNE! ☺️ Reduced! First to view will buy! Gorgeous healthy Maine coon kittens ready to reserve. Dad is a gorgeous black smoke Maine Coon,picture of him is listed and I’m sure you agree is Willow A.Bradford(29.9 miles away)



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Maine Coon kittens for sale in Sale | Pets4Homes (2024)
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